Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Prime Minister Yamen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Prime Minister-money countries in the former site of government offices in East Affairs Tang Zi alley 49. "Prime Minister Yamen," "New Territories", "Department of Translation," the Qing government to do the Westernization of the Foreign Affairs and the Central and ad hoc bodies. National Tsing Hua University, bachelor race here was not the Arab house. Rail money in 1854 changed to the Board office. 1861 Yamen changed to the Prime Minister Office. Tongzhi years as a hospital in the eastern, "with the text Museum," said East, the selection of Eight children in this study to serve as foreign language translation, is China's first foreign language school. In 1875, as ambassador to the hospital in the western countries to retain Secretary of State, each of the ministries also met with Secretary of State hospital States envoy, said the West . In 1901, the Prime Minister to government offices for the Department of Foreign Affairs. Early years of the Republic, renamed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Identical Hall will be replaced with the literature.

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