Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Senggelinqin ancestral hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Senggelinqin ancestral halls in the East Broad Street 47. Also known as Memorial Hall. The ancestral hall to sit south. Miriam by the door, and Xiangdian constitute a side hall in a palace courtyard binary architecture. Miriam Gate 3. 5 things the vicinity. Two in front of a Beiting, kiosks and a stone tablet, more than 4 meters high monument. Yang monument for the Manchu, Beiyin no word Diaolong side. 2 inter-l. Republic of China, to build primary schools for young pregnant, later renamed the progress of primary school, Broad Street is now the primary. The main temple building well-preserved, Dongcheng District, is the key cultural unit. Senggelinqin (?-1865), named Jonathan Bor's economy, Mongolia Horqin Left after Banners. 834-year grant omae Minister, Minister of lead guard, EC. Nian Army in the suppression, was killed by Yi-Jun. Guangxu Li for his years of dedicated temple.

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