Wednesday, February 18, 2009

LIU Yin Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

LIU Yin park is located in Dongcheng District, Beijing, an outside Monastery on the 8th Street, which occupies an area of 17.47 hectares, of which the water area of 6.25 hectares. Park, in accordance with a different distribution of plant-sik, a natural spring into Garden, the Garden Summer, Autumn Garden, Winter Garden Island and stay in the spring of five scenic spots. Especially on the west side of Park "Village" area, a scenic spot of the "Fu Shan heavy water have no doubt, the new vista" for the mood, the nature of the foot of the hill villages concentrated in the garden right close by home, highlights the countryside atmosphere, reflecting the Wild Village, Pastoral scenery of the park to build the idea. Hawthorn Park Zhulicaoting Tse Liu, Chun Qiushi, like Taoyuan. Water views, W-white farmhouse in the countryside shade tree leaves, each sunset, a garden Daoxiang golden reeds, cruise Shengge little off, the natural amenities, such as in the countryside. Park also often held ecological protection, science and technology, infected, the General Assembly to move rooms and so on.

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