Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Yu Qian Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yu Qian Temple in Dongcheng District, West mounting alley 23, the original book Menbian "Su Zhong Ancestral Hall." Yu Qian (1398 a 1457), the word Ting Yi, Zhejiang Qiantang people. Ming Dynasty famous military strategist, statesman, "the civil change", Yu Qian Yong Zhu Qi Li Yu Tai to, the rate of soldiers and civilians to defend the city of Beijing. After the restoration of these "crimes Mouni" Tianshun in the first year (1457) Yu Qian will be killed. Integrated 2002 (1466), the emperor Xianzong Tezhao resume official ratification. Guzhai changed its allegiance to temple festivals. 18 Wanli (1590), the posthumous title change, "Su Zhong," and in the neutral Yu Qian Temple statue. Junji-money years, as destroyed in the temple also . Qing Emperor Guangxu years and reconstruction. Temple sit south, east to Gu Zhai Yu Qian, the eastern side of the hospital has a light-kui floor for a two-tier small building. Kuixing Court for the upper left "blood forever," Mubian, the main building to 5 to enjoy together, the hard-Wading co-Hill, Yu Qian for the statue. In 1890, Boxer has been here for God . Kuixing Court in 1976 when an earthquake destroyed collapse, officials, small building have been removed. Temple to focus on the protection of cultural relics in Beijing.

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