Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beijing Book Building - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Beijing Book Building, located in the bustling Xidan commercial area, this unique building for the Xidan commercial district added a ray of the rich literary. As early as 1958, Premier Zhou Enlai had once suggested that in the Xidan commercial district to build a large-scale cultural facilities. 40 years later, the Prime Minister's long-cherished wish To achieve. The building, on the ground floor level 3, 8, on the ground floor, is the largest and most advanced management of the retail book. One to four of a total of 16,000 square meters exhibition hall, a library, audio-visual products and electronic publications, more than 14 species of the building is also equipped with reading rooms, audio-visual world, Tong knowledge park, coffee shops, fast-food restaurant, and other facilities for a wide range of services. Book into the building, sell, transfer, deposit into a comprehensive computer management. Satisfy readers of spiritual food.

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