Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mei Lanfang Memorial Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mei Museum in Beijing Xicheng District Hu Guosi Street on the 9th, is a typical two Jinyuan La courtyard, an area of 716 square meters, the last before his death, Mr. Mei is a 10-year residence. This hospital was the late Qing Qing Yi Prince Palace, after the liberation, after repairs, Mr. Mei moved to Lane residence. After the death of Mr. Mei, Mr. Zhou Mei's family home in the collection of photos, scripts, souvenirs and so on a total of 3 million pieces of cultural relics donated to the national data. October 27, 1986 and built the memorial hall is the formal opening of a courtyard-style architecture, red lacquer door Deng Xiaoping personally hoisted the board to write "Mei Museum." Qingshi large brick door Yingbi placed in front of Tsui Chuk Mei sculptures of the half. Bei Fang Hospital is the center of the living room for that, for the living room, bedroom and things penthouse for the study, the study of a large number of rare books collection, writing the script, Zhang hanging on the wall, Whitehead, Chen Ding and a half, and other well-known artist's works, the furnishings are original layout Mei his life. East and West on both sides of the room was the children's bedroom Mei and restaurants now feature side of the room into the exhibition room; on the other side of the room into activity rooms, as a VIP reception and hold small Meipai arts activities. Hospitals in Southern Uk Museum is the main showroom, a large number of rare exhibition of photos and in-kind. Here, fully introduced Mei love life, love of the people in the performing arts, traditional hard innovative spirit and his Chinese opera to modern art from the development of the link between past and future.

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