Saturday, February 21, 2009

Xidan commercial street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xidan commercial street from the Southern Xuanwumen, North Xinjiekou gap to a total length of 5.4 km. In October 1983, the Xicheng District of Xidan Street and the transformation of planning, development of industrial distribution planning. In October 1990, Warwick into the building. Jan 15, 1991, Xidan Shopping Center soft opening In 1992 the Central Government to determine the "prosperous Xidan, Xicheng the development of" development, prosperity and Xidan to determine the focus and drive economic development in the region, the region achieve economic prosperity. In the same year, Beijing has approved in principle the North Xidan Street on the west side of planning ( "West Project"), Xidan transform the southeast side . In recent years, Xicheng District adhere to the Xidan commercial district outside the improvement and transformation of the environment (West-engineering), has withdrawn nearly 100 stalls scattered; regulation of the advertising light box, window, and enhanced night lighting effects; to renovate the street trees; by the laying of the Fangzhuan pedestrian street, teeth Road, renovation of the transformation of the road Street, Xidan commercial street Weijiu Fang insist on building renovation and development of multi-level, multi-format, the show features the combination of modern business services, with Times Square in the capital, the Bank of China Tower, Xidan Cultural Square succession, and other projects built and put into , To the formation of large-scale commercial facilities, By culture, science and technology consulting, brokerage, and other new businesses, making it the internationally advanced level, shopping, dining, entertainment, service, office into a clean, orderly, civilized, prosperous commercial street.

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