Saturday, February 21, 2009

The former site of the Department of the good times - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The good times at the former site of the Department of Zhang Jie South Road, south of the West. Qing court in charge of opera performances of the agency, said South House, Emperor Kangxi began years. House attached to the South Neiwu Fu, who collect folk artists, and that court promise to perform. Qianlong, the South House to expand the scale than before. 2007 light (1827), Back into the school and music, created the file room, the good times for the House to the South Department, still presided over the palace to perform services. Xuantong up to three years (1911) and will last for 162 years. Ping collection of the Department of the script, archives, show clothing, props, stills and so on, stored in the National Palace Museum inside. Department of the former site of the peace package Today in Beijing and six in 28 school buildings. Ping Xi Lou Department of Hospitals is better to preserve a group of buildings, building area of about 200 square meters, this is a group of Xilou hospital courtyard, with a Xilou to the North, a former courtyard Bei Fang Xuan, suitable for viewing the performance. Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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