Saturday, February 21, 2009

S & P shou Muslim Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

S & P shou Muslim Temple in Xicheng District Kam Fong Street, even 63. Founded age is not known. Original covers an area of 4000 square meters. Hall of the mosque in the holy shrines back the "Mecca", as a result of Mecca in western China, the mosque hall is sitting east of the West. Three doors, Xie Shanding, the stone. The amount of a letter to the door "effect thanks Temple life. "A both sides of the door. Gate for Chuihua 2 door. Yingbi 2 down, noted a" Moon House, "stone tablet, engraved on both sides of the" Year of the Chongzhen Yi Hai Spring Valley, Dan repair ". Chuihua doors on both sides of the North-South The room five, South bathroom for the room, auditorium for the Beifang. Basilica for the four-breaking five, 18, a former Xuan 3, Baoxia band. 3 of the original inscription, in the middle as Arabic, Chinese on both sides as important. Zuo said, "no more original," said the right "to no more." After the kiln by the Hall of holy shrines and the team composed of Taiwan. Monument four Terauchi there. Xicheng District in the Islamic Association.

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