Saturday, February 21, 2009

Keiju site of the Twin Towers Temple - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Keiju Twin Towers site of the Temple in Xicheng District of the West Changan Street on the 28th. In 1954 to dismantle the expansion of West Chang An Avenue. Initial gold production, Daqing, said Shou Temple, Yuan reconstruction. Ming Zhengtong 13 years (1448) repair, called Great Temple is booming, also known as Grace Temple. 14 Jiajing (1535) destroyed in the fire. Jing 15 (1536) to Jiangwu Tang, like the speech. In the twin towers on the west side of Temple. A tower 9, "the sky shines the Buddha goes Minh Hai Yen Sheng-you-National Division Tower," a tower 7, "according to major Japanese Zen Buddhist could be dedicated to the Um."

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