Saturday, February 21, 2009

National Culture Palace - Chinese tourism scenic spots

National Culture Palace in the Xicheng District in Fuxingmen on the north side of the street. The completion and opening in 1959. China is a nation with a tower-style high-rise building, floor, the white peacock blue-glazed tile roof in the next very spectacular, high-rise main building, surrounded by spray pool, Ping Shen wings. National Gallery collection of 40,000 cultural relics Pieces on display 5 Office, Chen Chin area of 3,000 square meters. In September 1994, launched a full display after the basic "Chinese traditional culture of ethnic minorities exhibition series - clothing, musical instruments, arts and crafts," the exhibition is divided into three parts: the first part of the national dress, according to long clothing and clothing in two Display Minority apparel and accessories; second part of the national musical instruments, sing and dance all minorities in general, has a long culture of music, where you can see the Ewenki, Oroqen the use of the deer family Liemin post, post dragon, South bronze drum used in the nation, called the treasure of the Uygur music "Muqam 12 Playing musical instruments used in the package, and so on; is the third part of the arts and crafts, and ingenuity of China's ethnic minorities, colorful arts and crafts. In addition to the basic display, the National Culture Palace exhibition hall often organized by the National Provisional thematic exhibitions, to promote mutual understanding of all ethnic groups to strengthen the public Unity, and carry forward the Chinese culture has played a positive role. National Culture Palace of the main exhibition hall of China's collection of relics of ethnic minorities, promote the study of fine traditional culture of ethnic minorities, and public display of the party and the country's ethnic policy and national work. Fully reflect the nation since the founding of the work of the great achievements As well as people of all nationalities in the socialist revolution and construction to make a major contribution.

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