Saturday, February 21, 2009

Xi Shi church library - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Treasury Xi Shi Xi Shi church in the Xicheng District Library 33 Main Street. Also known as the North Hall. In the first Ziguangge to the west of Zhongnanhai, the sheep Jiadao room (that is, bee-keeping Gadao) silkworm Chi Nan Mingjiao to the local population, it is also called the church I silkworm pool. 42 Kangxi (1703) completed. 12 Guangxu (1886) I silkworm pool Catholic Church Xi Shi moved to the reconstruction bank. North Hall is a Gothic architecture, the lobby was a cross shape of the plane, construction area of about 2200 square meters, 16.5 meters high, Tajian tower about 31 meters high. A front platform, there are three white marble stone railings, there is the lobby of Taiwan Zhuji, misery and to sing together by the House. On both sides of the main entrance hall, a Chinese-style building two Beiting. North Church-owned building, including the monastery, a library, a garden, printing, orphanages, hospitals, Guanghua School, as well as quarters for priests. 1985 North Hall renovation, rehabilitation of the hall in front of Jesus Zhuji Taiwan and the east and west sides of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Father Altar gaase's. December 24, 1985 held its opening ceremony together.

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