Saturday, February 21, 2009

South Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

South West City Hall in the front door, 141 West Main Street. Beijing is the oldest Catholic church. Wanli next 33 years (1605) a Jesuit missionary, Matteo Ricci in Italy who created this place, money Junji 2007 (1650) by the time Chin-day charge of Supervisors Schall (also a Jesuit missionary, the German people Reconstruction, 51 years of Emperor Kangxi (1712) repair, 40 years Qianlong (1775) destroyed by fire, rebuilding the following year, after the Boxer Rebellion in 1900 destroyed the existing building is 30 years of Qing Emperor Guangxu (1904) new. Hall is the Gothic arch-shaped building, construction area of about 1 00 square meters, the construction subsidiary of about 400 square meters. Certificates for the top-positive with fine brick, wood capitals have run relief payment patterns. Were suspended at the altar of the Virgin Mary sharply as oil. Hong Chang appearance, coupled with a mosaic stained-glass windows, even more magnificent. South halls to have the original Second, Stone Church, one of the system for the Royal Church generation Qing tablets, writing exercises had been unclear, embedded in the walls on both sides of the hall before, the Western Wall lobby of the original iron cross erected about 2 feet high Yoshihiro 1, the Department of the South Hall of the earliest relics . Beijing to focus on the protection of cultural relics.

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