Saturday, February 21, 2009

Baylor Tao House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tao House at Baylor LIU Yin Street, Xicheng District 27. Xicheng District is now set to focus on the protection of cultural relics. Here was the 15th son of Emperor Kang Xi Yu Yun-yu live in Prince Palace of Discovery, 28 years Guangxu (1902), alcohol-yin, the seventh Prince Yi Xuan Tao adoptive son set out to the Prince Zhong Yi Ge for the people, inherited Baylor , Moved to the Palace of Discovery, as the House Baylor, Baylor, said Tao House. Existing buildings about 1000 square meters. Sit south, east to the door. At the middle and West and East. There are four Jinyuan La Road, East Road, also four hospitals, three hospitals for the San Heyuan. Only 3 West before and after row of houses in the west Xilou. For the Southern Garden, a promenade, pavilion, Hua Ting, a rockery, and so on. Maquan the original gardens and open space before the completion of the Main Building, Fu Jen Catholic University. Baylor Tao House into the former residence of Fu Jen Catholic University High School boys Department, Fu Jen Catholic men in 1952 changed to the 13th Beijing Municipal Secondary School.

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