Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wen Jin Street - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wen Jin Street is located in the city center, from the East Gallery, the west gate of Xi'an, known as the overseas Beijing's most beautiful streets. Wen Jin Street, the focus on the essence of the ancient capital of Beijing, has remained quiet, elegant style of the ancient capital. Museum of Art from the west all the way with a revolutionary tradition of the Red Mansion Beijing University who you Alliance China's modern history from a well-known incident, on its way, Jiejing streets of the ancient moat, the Forbidden City turret backed blue sky, such as the North Sea Dream Baita Mirage, as the mirror surface of the lake, little Summer Adventure, is the winter ice The joy of the people. There are elegant Beijing branch library, a small college town, the yellow walls , Tree-lined, very beautiful.

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