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Baoshan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baoshan Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A wide scope Baoshan, the city of Baoshan and Tengchong jurisdiction, Longling, Shidian, Changning County, four with a total area of 19,040 square kilometers, its eastern border with the Lincang area, north of the Nu River and the Lisu Autonomous Prefecture, adjacent to the northeast and the Dali Bai Junction Autonomous Prefecture, southwest of Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture adjacent to the northwest and then due south Myanmar friendly , With 167.78 km border, 593 kilometers from the provincial capital Kunming. Most of the territory of the region is sub-tropical monsoon climate, beautiful scenery, rich products, non-summer heat and winter cold-free, mountain possession of rich, water potential, Jiangmen Huang Fei, the floor is rich in underground resources.

Paul Gu Chen Yongchang City is the famous "Silk Road Southwest," an important post, "Southwest Silk Road" in China in the last paragraph, a frequent business activities; in the War of Resistance Against Japan, there is also the main Western Yunnan Campaign Battlefield, the famous "Burma Road" through this. If you are interested in the cultural study YOU can follow that profound hoof Waterloo Road Millennium affair Xungu silk Road in the footsteps of the Caravan; You can also have been years since abrasion of the track to feel the bitter war of resistance.

From the Qin and Han dynasties, here on the home razed Ailao all tribes. Here you can enjoy for generations live and multiply in this 14 land customs of ethnic minorities. The end of the Western Hills, a village in the mountains of smoke curl upwards lead the way, you slowly into the Walled Ailaoshan can feel a different Yunzhi.

That out of the nest foot deep ancient road, you will find at the foot of the extension of the traffic is convenient roll Modernization of the smooth, and then find the ring-back-Ling Ma Gang, has long been "737" blue sky travel Xiao Jing De roar quietly; - through the floor, Lin Jing-high Zuozuo Metro, you will have found Historians have been called "a city southwest of" Baoshan, in fact, already high over Man City Wall, and the Tengchong Silk Road Mall, 000 books, the famous hometown of overseas Chinese, a popular tourist spot, Jade "supermarket" in one "side of a City", but also lead to financial-hundred-hing, no waste and every exhibition opening his city's charming style ; - Zhu Yu as a review of a mosaic in the green mountains and blue waters of the plateau between Bazi, you will be pleasantly surprised to see that a number of high - Georgia's food base, the base sugar, tea base, the base of coffee, fruit base ... ... colorful, beautiful to watch, modern science and technology so that the old haunt of Yongchang, "Sangma crops" more robust; - live and multiply for generations to see in this land 14 on the customs of ethnic minorities, you will learn Lisu Has been used to make a living hunting son of Jiang Gong hard crossbow, has long turned into a sports and entertainment of sports equipment, and they still put up a heroic Arbor, water Daijia who love life is booming, Deang water drums, Yi The large family Bo, Miao Jia Lusheng of the fight out of the wind in the hearts of all the fun ... ... This is Baoshan, the history and Maung is often far from God together, locked.

In some cases, they seem very different from a long, and sometimes, if they pay very close proximity. Following the Marco Polo, Yang Shengan, Xu, and other famous ancient Sri Lanka was reluctant to clog the mark, people can not help but exclaim helenahat Baoshan's colorful, Li magic: the Millennium Road, pick up the history of different talents; deep mountain-ching, not conceal the charming scenery; shortage of shared Temple, who had hidden an expert Jun ... ... here is not only the natural Seven Wonders of the world-class masterpiece - a high-Meteorology Series Li Gong Shan, a thousand miles north-south of the Nu River Grand Canyon, the slurry containing the Tengchong volcanoes sleep passion Peng The Other View of the heat, and cast long history of the borderland culture Cuicanduomu chain - from the bulk of Australopithecus, the ancient human fossils and hundreds of ancient cultural relics mythology, the nine-lung, Ailao sites; from the Han and Tang Dynasties Weir crossing the road camp, the temple tower of the bridge to the Ming and Qing Feng Sui, pavilions; from the historical and cultural city Baoshan, Tengchong Relics to a lot of long history and culture of the rural village of simple elegance; from the Shu Han Mingchenlvkai "Yong A book," War of Resistance Against Japan and Germany asked the county Zhang, "Tajima A" to the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Nan Shi Lang Park "Man", Stephen Lee senior Republic of China and India "sign text"; Yang Shengan from the top floor of the museum's Ai ... ... relics, monuments Found that is, celebrities, continuous line on behalf of Great Classical Novels ... ...

Baoshan is rich in tourism resources. Yu Mo Shan cross-sectional unique geological structure, a derivative of the world's rare group of geothermal and volcanic landforms. Tengchong to the center and tropical heat Quanqun a total of more than 180 hot springs, in addition to the development of geothermal energy has a price , It also has a strange effect bath fruit, especially in the Tengchong Atami, Longling help of well-known wax palm. Tengchong volcanoes is the world's youngest generation of the extinct group, a total of more than 60 crater. National Nature Reserve - Gaoligongshan magic, there are more than 1500 kinds of higher plants, over 140 kinds of wild animals, In the country to protect the 26 species of rare species, 30 kinds of rare animals, there are world-renowned rhododendron trees, plants living fossil tree fern, Yunnan native species of camellia tea safflower oil. Gaoligongshan blankets and foreign experts, scientists as "species gene pool", "Natural History" and "North-South convergence of animal and plant walk "High value tourism and scientific exploration.'s World-famous Yunnan Anti-Japanese War, the industrious and courageous spirit of the people of Baoshan, Baoshan and Baoshan so popular around the world who, during the War of Resistance Against Japan sites, artifacts, is the revolutionary tradition of education and tourism The ideal place.

Baoshan helenahat, Yun Gu So for thousands of years of county essence of anger-Cangjiang water, fertile soil of hundreds of birth, calendar and the ancient site of fresh, and as many as Grand View that it deserves to be here long, nine landscape, which is extracted three humanities.

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