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Xilin Gol prairie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Xilin Gol prairie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mongolian Department of Xilin Gol, which means hilly areas of the river. Xilin Gol League is located in Beijing, the capital of the motherland is the northern, central Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which borders Mongolia and North, the 1098 km long border; Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region to the east, Tongliao City, in Xing'an League, the League to the west, south and Hebei For the province , Near Zhangjiakou, with a total area of 203,000 square kilometers, is the latest from Beijing regions inhabited by ethnic minorities. League-wide jurisdiction 9 City 2 days 1 and 3 county-level autonomous regions and green industry development zone, with UNITA and Mongolia, Han, Hui, Daur, 24, and other Oroqen nationality, of the total population 20,000, of which, the Mongolian population accounts for 29.6 percent. Erenhot have beads and their two Enga Dabney of the land crossings, Erenhot City for the autonomous region plans to separate cities, is approved by the State Council's open border cities, China is to connect Mongolia, Russia and Central Asia, Eastern Europe an important bridge . Xilin Gol Grassland in Inner Mongolia Plateau is a part of a relatively flat terrain open to the use of high-quality natural grassland area of 180,000 square kilometers. Its terrain from the southeast to the northwest tilt, more than the south-eastern hilly, scattered basin, the flat terrain north-west, Hilly and some of the lava mesa zero In the meantime distribution. Ujimqin for the north-east of the basin, clouds river, rich in water. Sandy Land of Inner Mongolia to the south-west by a series of Lung Kong with sand, and more for the fixed and semi-fixed sand dunes. At an elevation of 800 - 1200 meters, cold, windy, drought, the average annual temperature of 1 - 2 , The frost-free period 90 - 120 days. Annual rainfall from the northwest to the southeast to 150 - 400 mm in a temperate semi-arid and arid continental monsoon climate. Xilin Gol League four seasons, spring temperatures rebound quickly, the wind less windy rain; cool and rainy summer, more rainfall variability Cool autumn weather, the weather, not wind, a stable climate; long and cold winter, with a total snowfall of 10 general - 20 mm. Xilin Gol League rivers in the territory of China, over the lake. River for most of the inland river, are covered ul River root Parana River, Xilin Gol River, the river is too high Biggs River has Luan River drain system. League-wide there are 1363 lakes, large and small, embedded-day inlay to the vast grassland, with a total storage capacity 3,500,000,000 cubic meters, of which 672 fresh water lake, the water storage capacity 2,000,000,000 cubic meters. The larger lakes 4: WULAGAI Lake, qagan nur, bayan Treasury Lunnuo Lake, holt nur sound lake.

  The Xilin Gol prairie vast beauty and rich tourist resources, particularly rich in tourism resources in order to grassland, grassland and integrity of the type known to the world, that is, meadow grassland, typical steppe, semi-desert grasslands, sandy grassland possess, up more than 1200 kinds of plants on the ground . There has been listed as UNESCO's international network of biosphere national grassland nature reserves - Xilin Gol Grassland Nature Reserve. Every time the arrival of summer, the charming scenery of the grassland meadow ujimqin is a green sea, noble and beautiful flower peony flowers Shandan fight for Yan-qi, in the endless white clouds Pianpian Piaoyou days, Shepherd stay, swimming in cattle and sheep, and continuously yurts and the smoke slowly moving car Lele, will lead visitors into the nature of its refreshing sense, beautiful. Teng flowers gray le tin typical low-grass prairie wind and reproducibility see the beauty of cattle and sheep, 18 9 Xilin River Bay is like falling in the grassland The white hada, pleasant enough to make you linger. When you enter this magical land, will be able to experience the history and culture of nomadic people in the north.

  Xilin Gol prairie in the history of the five tribes, from east to west for ujimqin, Ji-ho special,?????, A Baga and the five tribes sonid Cheng. Xilin Gol League in 1958 and UNITA Chahar into Xilin Gol League, also Chahar tribes into the Xilin Gol Grassland. Chahar one tribe from the beginning of Genghis Khan's Golden family living off the sweat Mongolian tribes, tribal A Baga is the younger brother of Genghis Khan, other descendants of ancient Taiwan and subjects. They still retain the integrity of the nomadic steppe culture and customs, from clothing, food, song and dance to the residential areas, marriage, etiquette, festivals and so on, throughout the history and culture of ethnic Mongolia has an important status and representation. If the blue flag of the milk is the most outstanding food processing, history has become a tribute by the emperor; is the Blue Flag As the old saying has been identified as the modern Mongolian Biaozhun Yin, that the ordinary Mongolian language, from this point also illustrates the Xilin Gol prairie in Mongolia's history and culture center. Here in the central grasslands of the Trans-QIN Yan Jin and the world famous ancient Great Wall of the yuan at all sites, there are classic rock hunger and solemn five-Ming Chengzu North sign left by the mysterious Shi Po, the peak immediately; temple in Inner Mongolia, one of the four major sub-Tony Temple and the Holy Land shrine Baiyinchagan obo Mongolian culture and religion as one solution, the world-famous "dinosaur town"-gur Basin Taoshengyijiu arouse you. Here both the endless, open deep and broad the United States, there are low wind and grass Dynamic U.S. cattle and sheep; blue sky and white clouds, green grass and stay Shepherd of the harmony between man and nature the United States.

  Xilin Gol League has a beautiful grassland scenery, the ancient Mongolian style, as well as the production of unique way of life, a large number of cultural relics, history and culture of the pleasant summer climate Tourism development potential. In recent years, the Xilin Gol League League Committee, the Administrative Office attaches great importance to the development of tourism in the grassland, and it features the three major industries as one of the task. Relying on these rich tourism resources, grassland, Xi Meng has nurtured the development of the horse, by camel, archery, car seat Lele, sheep, obo Festival, the Mongolian Dance, fashion shows, live production experience herdsman, and other tourism projects, launched the "Central Xilinhot natural grassland Tour", "national Xilin Gol Grassland Nature Reserve grassland eco-tour", "ujimqin grassland nomads travel characteristics," " Yu Quan Aershan rehabilitation of health "," Prairie Tour shepherd "," Xilin Le Tour prairie folk customs "," Prairie Wedding Tour "and" sources of sand Tour "and" Yuan exploration sites are secret tour "," dinosaur cemetery tour, "" Sino-Mongolian border travel, "and" Prairie Naadam, "" Festival Obo, "" forest, desert, snow adventure travel, "a bike rally, motorcycles, cross-country vehicle, hunting , Skating, skiing and so on special specialty tourism. Tourism project unique, varied and colorful.

  Xilin Gol convenient transportation and communication, tourism, shopping active in the market. At present, in order to Xi Meng League, as the central location of the flag to the country, provincial trunk highways to form a connected railway, road transport network The road leading to and from tourist attractions are also basically realized the black pavement. Xilinhot and Jitong railway has track railway line opened to traffic, travel daily to and from the Hohhot train Zhaofaxizhi. Xilinhot airport can accommodate Boeing 737 aircraft can fly directly to Beijing and Dalian, Hohhot, the tourist season every day Flights. 207 State Road, Zhangjiakou Xilinhot paragraph to widen with the transformation of Beijing Zhang completion of the highway, greatly reducing the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the south of the Xilin Gol prairie visitors to the journey time from Beijing land may be about 4 hours into the Xilin Gol Grassland , About 7 hours Xilinhot City, arrived in Beijing to Xilinhot flight in just 40 minutes to arrive, transportation is very convenient. Smooth and convenient communication with UNITA and UNITA have been completed, the flag (County), sum (rural), Gacha (village) levels in agricultural and pastoral areas of information service network, of which 60% of the sum of (rural) have access to Government Network. An adequate supply of electric power, urban infrastructure to accelerate the pace of construction, services and rising. Tourism shopping market is very active, full-League when the use of the property of meat, dairy products, bone, horn, hair, agate, plants and gold, silver and metals such as the development of design style to produce various types of food, handicrafts, souvenirs More than 00 kinds, visitors can meet the needs of different regional tourism demand for shopping.

  Xilin Gol prairie was well received worldwide attention, is that it is a natural treasure-house of the green, with unparalleled resources and grassland eco-tourism. "Five-Year Plan" period, Xilin Gol League will seize the implementation of the western countries to open The historic opportunity to reform and opening-up and scientific and technological progress as the driving force to develop grassland tourism characteristics, and constantly enhance the ecological environment and infrastructure, and policies and funding to support increased grassland tourist industry input. On this basis, Ximeng in the future in order to develop domestic tourism-based, open to Focusing on international tourism, Xilin Gol prairie highlight the unique natural landscape and rich Mongolian style, the building in line with international standards Prairie Tourism Scenic Spot (points) and the unique national characteristics of tourism services, and strive in 2010 to form a certain The size of the tourist service system, To the north of China's new rich with ethnic characteristics of grassland tourism areas.

  Xilin Gol Grassland with the most blue sky, the white clouds, the wind-ching, most of the green grass, with the most unique style ... ... Come on, friends, follow the beautiful melody, accompanied by the Mongolian long-tune, listen to the Matou Qin's story, Into the Xilin Gol Grassland beautiful, here you will bring the happiest time because there are people hospitable.

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