Friday, November 14, 2008

Huitengxile Prairie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Huitengxile, the Mongolian word for "cold plateau." League inspections at the right flag in the south-central Huitengxile grassland, Jining Shi distance of 80 km, 135 km from Hohhot. Here fertile land, abundant rainfall, every May to September, flowers everywhere, flowers into the ocean. Existing tourist spots in yurts 10, visitors can eat, rest and recreation. There are horse riding, archery, wrestling and other activities, can also be held the evening campfire and singing and dancing. Located in the eastern section of the Yinshan Mountains, more than 1800 meters above sea level, at the top level, covering an area of more than 180 square kilometers. Huitengxile grassland cold winter, cool in the summer, the highest average 18 degrees centigrade.

Qingshanxiushui here, the magnificent scene in. May each year to September, flowers everywhere, flowers into the ocean. Distract the attention of the major tourist attractions onions and yellow beach two ditch place to go, a total of 15 large landscape. Beautiful map there is a natural ditch Dong Fu, a high degree of vertical cave from the ground more than 100 meters, With a capacity of 100 people. Craggy rocks of Montenegro, there are 99 large and small caves, the largest capacity of 200-300 people. The tourist attractions also wonders Montenegro, the rocks on the rocks, the size of cave 99, of the Tang Dynasty, many hermit, monks, priests in this reclusive. Qing Emperor Kangxi once this tour There are more than 90 natural lakes, dotted in green grassland on both pastoral vast grasslands of the forceful style, and Jiangnan Water Village delicate and pretty bright colors. The entire large-scale tourist areas, facilities, yurts, wooden, courtyard, European-style luxury villas, garages and so on-board accommodation for tourists Here's to carry out tourism activities are: on horseback, by camel, archery, wrestling, obo Gordon Hill, the evening campfire song and dance, Jia Zuoke herdsmen, the national taste the flavor of fresh milk and tea, hand to eat meat, drinking horse milk wine, and so on.

  In view of prairie scenery, you can be on horseback, by camel, archery, wrestling Gordon Hill obo ... ... in a variety of these activities, Tongkuailinli to feel the rough nature of Mongolian life.

  There are many grasslands in Inner Mongolia, and Huitengxile is a truly spectacular beauty of the original prairie.

  Historical records on Huitengxile Prairie "chuen, 99," in fact refers to Luo spread all over the place of the 99 natural lakes, as they sprinkle in the pearl-like grasslands, both pastoral vast grasslands of the forceful style, and Jiangnan Water Village delicate and pretty bright colors. Huitengxile grassland every year in June to September period, here is nice and cool, green grass and flowers have a bright, clear water and blue sky and white clouds in a transparent cross - Ying.

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