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Tony Temple - - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tony Temple - - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Pui-Temple is located in the northern city of Xilinhot Erdenechuluun Tao Li obo cover the southern slope of Hill, was founded in?????, Inner Mongolia is one of the four major temples. Cimiao the auspices of the year as a result of the construction of the local bay son of Balaji Dorji, and is the son of Tony flag, the temple be named.

The whole complex is divided into seven Temple, North Korea are Kachin, dry out, but, all the Palestinian beads, Kanjur, Dinkel, the amount of day chart, and so on, in this hall 7, there are more than a dozen small hall and more than 2000 Sengshe between big and magnificent momentum.

After the completion of the temple in 100 years, the temple to worship the herdsmen to become the proximity of the main field , Incense heyday. Terauchi there are a lot of Mongolia reflects the history and life of the murals is to study the history of Mongolian national art and valuable historical materials.

  Yongzhengnianjian-ching, a?????de Doillon's Living Buddha from the remote Qinghai after suffering Kamsing million, chanting all the way sermon came to the Xilin River, by Villanueva i la Dorji and appreciation of the Suibai. In order to express gratitude to the Living Buddha. Balajier Wang in 1741 to the Living Buddha to build a temple. Tony then teach children to listen to the temple, the monks of the increase in small crowded temple, 2008 Qianlong (1743), began construction of large-scale temples, stone brick Buddha Volumes are shipped camel, the Le Le pull car from Zhangjiakou, Duolun shipped, and some from other places in Tibet to transport.

  In 1786, Qianlong seal Dici de Balajilong I for Living Buddha "on the Arab-Israeli Wang, Zhang Long, iT's spot". Word for "teacher-wise." And to give full-jung, Chinese and Tibetan books in four languages Dudie issued a horizontal inscribed board. "Pandita puerarin Temple" by the Qianlong Emperor Qin Han Chee "Chong Shansi." Living Buddha in the second when permitted by the World Bank also hold large-scale expansion. With a period of more than a century of prosperity. Qing Emperor Guangxu years to reach heyday. Lama reaches up to 1,200 people. Lama's religious structures, the upper and Wutai in Shanxi Province and Lhasa, Tibet And other places of religion to maintain the upper potato close.

  Pui-Diaolianghuadong Temple, the Paris Court complex. The architectural style brackets cornices, thousands of statues of shape. Magnificent decorative painting. Have distinctive ethnic characteristics. After sub-bay Cangsang temple, in 1966, "Po Sijiu" campaign, a few Smashed the top of the temple, destroyed statues, mountains of books burned by volume.

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