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Rock Hill table - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rock Hill table - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hill table Wuhai City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is located in the eastern part of the territory, the main peak of 2149.4 meters above sea level. Mountains were the main north-south, about 75 km east border with Inner Mongolia Erdos Plateau, east of the Yellow River through the urban area of about 2 km.

  Hill table majestic mountains, which rise amid one after another, majestic Armstrong , The main peak of its relatively flat top, looks like the table-like view, it was the name. Hill on the table "V"-shaped valley development, cutting depth of more than 150 to 250 meters, the trench maul and the Soviet Union bayan big ditch relatively flat bottom of the valley.

Table mountain ravine in a lot of the ditch banks of limestone cliffs and pan , The remnants of the numerous ancient rock paintings of the sites, known as the "Rock Hill on the table." Ancient nomadic Qiang, Wuhuan, Xianbei, Turks, Uighurs (knot), the party, Mongolia, and other nationalities have been here survive the turn, created a glorious ancient civilization. Long years of history has vanished away, but left in River rock and limestone cliffs of the ancient nomadic people of art - rock paintings, but it remains a thing of the past, to stay here forever.

  Rock is known as the first human canvas, the world's leading rock face and the most concentrated area of Wuhai City of Inner Mongolia is on the table Rock Hill, Wuhai City is gradually increase Efforts to protect this precious heritage.

  Rock Hill table has a total area of over 16,000 square meters, in 1973 by a herdsman in Wuhai City when they were grazing, the content of the rock paintings for more than Apollo and others like face, animal graphics, hunting maps, signs and so on, each individual rock paintings Into a painting, look different, is rare The rock paintings excavated. Hill created a table in the New Stone Age rock paintings, each painting is cut from mill, is the nomads of north China's historical and cultural relics. In particular, face like a rock in China and the world face as the essence of rock paintings, reflecting the childhood of human imagination and aspirations of a better life. Over the same period: Wuhai City of Inner Mongolia cultural relics here, we Xue-Fei Li station with the rock paintings are not the same as elsewhere, the gentle slope, the other is the introduction of the wall, because those particles in the sky directly down to the surface, the case of a reaction from the humid, so we protect Rock paintings, this place is imminent.

  As the table rock Rock-dumping is the slope, along with factories located in the vicinity of the mine, are susceptible to damage, Wuhai City is planning to build a table Rock Hill Museum site in order to better protect the precious heritage of mankind.

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