Friday, November 14, 2008

Shanyu retaining most of the government of the Tang Dynasty ruins - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Shanyu retaining most of the Tang Dynasty ruins at the House League and Lingle Tuchengzi County. Shanyu retaining most of the so-called government is to guide Monan ethnic Turks live in the area of the capital of the state House, Monan is a Turkic ethnic political and cultural center. Raymond Moon for three years (663 AD), Tang Dynasty and in this fortification Lingle, set up in the clouds Care House. So far the site is clearly visible. Ben Zhu walls with soil, the highest remaining about 5 meters outside the city like a little diamond-shaped plane. East wall of 1750 meters long, 1,200 meters long Western Wall in the north wall of 1250 meters long, the wall has been scouring the river baby, long disabled more than 500 meters. Now east and west, north can see the Shing Mun left Weng Cheng and sites. Outside the southern city of Inner City, known as the Imperial City, slightly square, each side about 500 meters. City within a city within the cultural layer to the thick, with large-scale construction of the platform, the surface there are also remnants of stone Zhu Chu, as well as intensive bricks and broken pottery at film. From the surface to investigate to see that this is the Tang Dynasty City in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Wei during the construction of the old city in northern debris together. After the Tang Dynasty buildings and pressure Diego, the city formed a 3-5 m thick accumulation of culture, and some protruding surface of about 2-3 meters. As early as before liberation have been unearthed here Turnbull calendar 2002 (the year 820 AD) wrote of the moment, "Tang-Jiedushi Shanyu retaining most of the Qing Zhang Wei Political milestone, "stone, and so on. After the liberation of the cultural relics unearthed in copper porcelain statues, Tong Yin, porcelain, bronze mirrors, and so on. In 1960 had unearthed a major Taoweng containing" Kai Yuan Tong Bao "coins, weighing about 500 kg. In the vicinity of the site Tang Mu also found that a lot.

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