Friday, November 14, 2008

Yellow trench tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Yellow trench tourist areas - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Chahar right-wing yellow flag in a tourist area, located in the northern part of the League, Yinshan branch of the Phaeton Schiller Prairie, 100 km from Hohhot, 70 kilometers from Jining Shi, the seat of government from the flag Ke Buer town 15 km . Because of its unique beautiful scenery and convenient transportation, has attracted a large number of Foreign tourists.

More than 50 square kilometers of grassland Phaeton Schiller, fertile land, abundant rainfall, every May to September, the whole grassland rich water, flowers everywhere, cattle and sheep walk, lift up bright idyll, Hong warm wind, weaving in a draw Lots of beautiful grassland spring painting. The visitors were called " Outside the southern "God yellow onion groove, a more poetic, it sets in one inspiring area of natural landscape, steep mountains, towering Qi, winding streets, Jade, gurgling water, Yingxiang sky." Double-hump "," Feng Wolong "" JIANMENGUAN Hill, "" Hill bergamot, "" Ridge turtles, "" waterfall cliff hanging "and" immortal "" Sandie Quan "and" one-day "," Muyu Taiwan, "and" God-green "can be called wonders of the Great Wall. 5,000 acres of your own forest, dense forests, towering Cooper, rich forest Flexible green lawns, white mushrooms, yellow flower, lilies adorned the meantime, it is more natural to add a beautiful color. Qi Office of forests and Yi Cao spent a natural component of the large garden.

God yellow onion ditch reception, there are more top-Mongolia, with a hall, a package of more than a small plastic bag, you can eat, rest and entertainment, is also open to visitors for horse riding, archery, and other recreational activities, organized by the evening campfire and singing and dancing . In 1992 began to open to visitors.

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