Thursday, November 13, 2008

Canyon del Kam Shan Qi (Yixian Tian) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Canyon del Kam Shan Qi (Yixian Tian) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Canyon del Kam Shan Qi, also known as the "Yixian Tian." Valley more than 250 meters long, on both sides of the stand-odd, like a knife Fupi general, the narrowest point, however about 12 meters. Bai Yumi into the valley, there is a huge folder happened in between Liangbi the air, entrenched, it Dunjue strange, but for the entire Valley has added a mystery. Hainan in the area northwest of the mountain del Gan, a beautiful canyon, as if a knife is to the mountains in order to split the two and a half. Canyon 650 meters in length, width at the bottom of the 2 to 3 meters wide at the top of the 5 to 6 meters on both sides of the Shek Pik there are more than 100 meters high. Looking up the valley into the sky, the sky has become bound to be a line, so Known as the Yixian Tian.

  A local old herdsman, said: "The Yixian Tian have many legends, it is said that this is the Erlang Shen Pishanjiumu left behind, some people say that this is for the convenience of the mountain herbs He Xiangu out on the road."

  In 1994, Chinese geologists have gathered here, the Yixian Tian reasons for the formation of research, the experts agreed that because of Yixian Tian earthquakes and mountain fracture dislocation of the formation. At present, Hainan area has been included in the Yixian Tian planning, should the magic of the canyon developed into a tourist attraction.

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