Thursday, November 13, 2008

Department of mouth - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rao Zalantun-ho at 4 kilometers southwest Township, chaor River, Tuoxin River river here with two sinks, forming a huge surface. Phase two rivers after the Department of Taiwan, still roaring at the foot of the dragon in the mountains east. Rock lined both sides of the strait, such as Yu-zhu tower sky-line. Eyes view, people can not help but feel good, hand-made open chest. Department of scenery mouth of Four Seasons King Different, very different modality. Early spring, Lvliuchuisi, Yan wild flowers, such as sinus conditions such as the opening of the girls, grace Chuo-yun; the height of summer, Jade, Feng Fei Splendor, people Ta-Qing, play heartily; late autumn, do storied dye, Shuangye red, white birch cluster Cluster, Shu Shu trees, a scenic spot make a false charge; winter, the silver-wrapped makeup, Yushu Chi, powder loading of the World, Sky connection. Four Seasons scenery, each with its own hard work skillfully depicts the wonderful, natural beauty, there are different view of the United States, as well-known historian Jian Bozan Chant: "This is really beautiful painting, there is no need to write Fenmo shark raw silk."

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