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Manzhouli of the country - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Manzhouli of the country - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Sino-Russian border is located in Manchuria, is a very clean, beautiful small city, the architectural style is characteristic of China's larger cities of the land crossings, the city's Chinese-Russian trade zones of the country and is the must visit places. The grassland scenery and Mongolian customs, border area, as well as exotic out the light of the Fifth National Lake lun pool are bright spots to attract tourists.

Manzhouli in the western region of the country, is a 30 m high, 40 meters wide of the white building, seven of the country at the top of Qiu Jin's characters, "People's Republic of China", not far across the country is Russia's country, the golden "CCCP" letters Not Reminiscent of the glory of the former Soviet Union. In the country is not far from the Sino-Russian trade zones, and inside there are a lot of blond hair and blue eyes of the Russians to and from the shuttle, you can buy a very cheap price, "the old Soviet Union", but must be Kanjia.

  Formerly known as Manchuria, "Jin Horace Prague" As the old saying, meaning "strong spring." 1901 East-money as a result of the construction of the railway named after. Manzhouli is a 100-year-old owner of the port city, known as "the window of East Asia" in the world. Its proximity to North China and Northeast China Economic Zone, north Russia, west of Mongolia is China's largest land port. The city's total area of 730 square kilometers, population 230,000, home to Mongolia, Han, Hui, Korean, Ewenki, Oroqen, and Russia in more than 20 nationalities. Under the jurisdiction of the state-level Sino-Russian trade zones, economic and technological cooperation between the border areas, national large-scale coal bases bundle of energy and mining Dalai nur-level autonomous regions Lake District agricultural foreign exchange earnings.

  Manzhouli Port, located in the first Asia-Europe continental bridge traffic hub in China's Bohai Sea ports to Russia and other CIS countries and Europe, the most convenient and most economical, the most important major land and sea transport routes, bear the Sino-Russian trade 60% of the land transport task. 200 In the National-winning spiritual civilization advanced cities, in 2003, China was outstanding tourist city, and also won three national double-support model cities, autonomous regions and won the seven stars of civilization, and other cities honorary title.

  Manzhouli City, a unique tourism resources, and endless charm, as the "northern Chu. "Green as Hulun Yam of the prairie, rippling blue waves of Hulun, towering stands of the country, passionate style of Mongolia, the ancient civilizations of the Dalai nur bar culture, the city's blend of Chinese and Western styles ,..... . This is all woven into paintings of landscape ecology and the modern, ancient culture and modern civilization Exotic blend of culture and the beautiful screen, so many visitors at home and abroad Xinchishenwang.

  After a century and the baptism of wind and rain, opening up Decade Harden, Manzhouli City has become a renowned Chinese and foreign ports of the city. The two of the last century, in the 1930s, Manzhouli is a party and the Communist International Red Channel In the 1940s, started here Soviet Red Army from the battlefields of Europe to support the Pacific's first shot on the battlefield; war of liberation war and in times of war, Manzhouli port has a large number of Soviet military supplies to the front line; in the early nation-building, in the face of the imperialist naval blockade, Republic of Manchuria as the main channel of foreign trade, To support the country's economic construction. Manchuria in 1992 was approved by the State Council for the first open cities along the border, Manzhouli economy and various social undertakings achieved a historic leap. Sustained and healthy development of border trade with Russia, Poland, Hungary, Japan, Singapore, more than 40 countries and regions A wide range of trade relations; formed trade, finance, transport, storage and so on comprehensive development of foreign trade and economic and technological cooperation system; built a barter trade, cash trade, tourism and trade, both re-exports of foreign trade pattern. Manzhouli today is a brand-new image of the tower in the northern motherland.

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