Thursday, November 13, 2008

Populus Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Populus Island - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wuhai City is located in the territory. During this complex terrain of the Yellow River, with a lot of other different style of the difference. Here the upper reaches of the table with the Helan Mountain Shan Shan confrontation between the two, fast-flowing, the three islands in the river side by side, all over the island's largest Hu Sheng poplar, Populus named the island. Populus, different aliases Yang Ye, Indus, is one of the world's rare species , As a secondary category of national plant protection.

  Populus on the middle and lower parts of different leaves, it is natural wonders of the flu, such as poplar Hu tenacious vitality: 1,000 born die, to die rather than back 1,000 years, 1,000 years back and immortal, "the legend It is the rare exception of our rare species, Known as the "living fossil", has a higher degree of research, conservation and aesthetic appeal. The island is now the initial set up all kinds of antique, modern and national characteristics of a number of tourist facilities, is a tourist who travel, leisure, accommodation, resort, entertainment and an ideal place.

  Middle reaches of the smooth surface, such as training, heart River Large and medium-sized beach, two small islands Li Hua Beach. Yellow Shuangqiao here as Rainbow Fei Jia things, the formation of water around Wuhai, even three double-bridge wind spectacular scenery.

The lower reaches of the Yellow River Hetao Plain flow, Liang Bang and the Ulan Buh Desert. Ha Tay has a scenic tourist spots in the desert, cruise ships can pass, visitors here can be Huasha Swimming, riding a camel.

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