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Hulun Buir Prairie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hulun Buir Prairie - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In the most northern of the motherland, China's largest piece of grassland - Hulun beautiful prairie.

  Hulun Buir Grassland is the world's most famous one of the three Prairie, where a vast territory, beautiful scenery and lush aquatic plants, 3,000 more than the criss-cross rivers, 500 lakes spread all over, Has become a magnificent picture, Songtao has been extended to the stirring Daxing'anling.

  Here in the summer and pleasant weather, the air through the net, is the summer vacation resort; wrap-winter snow, snowy, one scenery in the north, is skiing, ice sports and hunting holidays. Argun Mongolian domain is the birthplace of Genghis Khan also had dominated the ancient battlefield.

  Known as the "first Chinese Qushui" Moergele River, there is a "gold account Khan Mongolian tribes," is the only Hulun Buir League in the landscape for the nomadic tribes known tourist attractions. It is well-known Chinese and foreign natural pastures, calendar Many nomads in the north have in this nomadic, grow, survive. Genghis Khan Momalibing here, with the tribes for hegemony and eventually occupied the Hulun Buir Grassland, where the use of resources and the countless brave knight, to complete the great cause of reunification. King Khan tribal account of the layout, Genghis Khan was the epitome of the line and off again.

  Blue sky and white clouds, water ANGLE, Jessica grass, the group of cattle and sheep groups, Zhanfang little bit, smoke curl upwards, is one of the world rare Hulunber green and the people of the Pure Land paradise. Boundless vast natural pastures, fresh and quiet, was in the middle of a beautiful prairie, Minded people suddenly see the light. Around the red fire jump with an dance, loud and clear that Mongolia's long melodious tune with you until late at night ... ... July is a good time to Hulun.

  In the depths of the grassland, the most primitive, most of the simple customs and natural scenery, Ewenki, Tiger Bar, the Mongolian Buryat Brothers and sisters will be specific to the bold, imaginative and Shenqinghouyi welcome your arrival. Djibouti through the Long Hu map, you will be able to taste groups of birds, Shuitianyise, and the magnificent new Hulun Lake; stay in the yurts set up their own, hands-on taste of slaughtered cattle and sheep, drink a glass of mellow Tea and wine, eating a fresh Pa hand meat, Asaka let you light the bonfire as the unlimited enthusiasm and hope for better; experience grassland race herdsmen, set horse, horse trainer performance, Mongolia Burke, the ring wrestling match, obo Festival ... ... When I do one day return to the Mongols ?? Herdsmen it!

  Hulunbuir prairie is the most of our existing fine lush pastures, Almost as there has been no pollution, and therefore "the most pristine grasslands," said.

In the thousands of rivers and streams be nurtured, every summer, the Orioles here to fly long grass, the cattle and sheep over and over, you can grasslands on horseback, camel, watching wrestling, horse racing, Wulanmuqi performance, eat prairie-style " Sheep feast, "the evening bonfire party, but also you enjoy the unique experience nomadic life.

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