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Temple phuc duyen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Temple phuc duyen - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Phuc duyen Temple is located in the town of Kulun Qi Cullen. Qianlong Dynasty 2007 (1742), the temple after the completion of Emperor Qianlong Ciming "phuc duyen Temple." Temple phuc duyen series of four temples, by the Temple Mountain Gate, chanting hall, and the permitted Laoyemiao composition.

Lun Tin Le Gallery Although the history of the flag Lama said, but it was not Lamaism School of Science (La warehouse). In 1926 only for Iraq but La Stores (Sook, philosophy and science) and the Mountain Gate Dianqian carried out the renovation of a venue for debate on the subject. Temple initially employ life trapped in Madain call Tucker to do in Iraq Coulomb La presided over the great lamas of the warehouse. From 1929 to hire a tumd do Lama presided over the great Lama. After Amendment to the study of Tibet's Drepung Monastery to complete power-gen successor Lama presided over the big job. Phuc duyen presided over the great Lama Temple in Germany under the tree Lama Qi assist the management of a temple affairs. In addition, Niger Pakistan, including deacon and so on Date Lama. Iraq has set up warehouses in the early La phuc duyen with no affiliation with Temple. Temple in 1928 and is phuc duyen Iraq La warehouse And together, a total of 121 lamas.

Temple and is phuc duyen La Iraqi positions after the merger, in addition to routine law will be held, the longest and most unique is that Iraq will be La law. La Iraqi law but will have to be held throughout the year, and 3 points each quarter to hold a meeting. For the first time on a second 20 And the third for 15 days. Iraq has stores of La repair school in La Lama's position can be awarded Lan accounted for Pakistan, Lamba Road, and other places.

Phuc duyen Temple in the land reform movement and the "Cultural Revolution" was severely damaged. In 1986, Ku Lunqi phuc duyen of the People's Temple, maintenance, repair, after the Temple area phuc duyen A new, replay its original splendor.

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