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Daqinggou National Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Daqinggou National Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Horqin grassland in the vast western region Mya, a 24 km-long desert big ditch. Groove on the groove under the verdant trees and flowers in full bloom; Department Goudi 10,000,000 spring water features come together to form a long stream, clear and transparent. The two sides of the ditch grass trees, both evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs and trees doping, in fresh green White and green grass, streams and the Sha dependency. This is known as the Green Pearl of the Horqin sandy desert spectacle ---- Daqinggou National Nature Reserve.

  Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, located in the Horqin Left after the flag in the territory, 200 km away from Shenyang, away from the urban Tongliao 80 , With a total area of 12.5 hectares. In 1980 by the establishment of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Government, in 1988 and was promoted to the national level, mainly for the protection of rare broad-leaved forest in arid areas.

  In the region the size of the North-South longitudinal crevicular Green, was "Y"-type distribution channel public length 24 , About 100 meters deep and 200-300 meters wide. Have now identified more than 700 kinds of plants, more than 170 kinds of animals, is a natural treasure house of animals and plants. Gou Shen Lin here closely, and unique landscapes, known as "Oasis" reputation. Daqinggou the landscape strange, strange landscape. Gap under different unique primeval forest trees, pure Naturally, no one was Mya. May Jun Sang Heng Fa Chuen, August Shan Lihong home, where around a flickering light of life. Letting a hundred flowers bloom in spring, summer, tree-lined, Sihuo leaves in the fall, winter clouds transpiration, a visit to this, there is a return to nature feeling.

  Daqinggou the climate is very pleasant, I would like to deal with the tourism, summer, leisure, holiday resorts, each of the summer season, 800 Sha Lane heat wave rolling, into a Daqinggou, especially into the Goudi is Dunxiao heat, relaxed and happy. If during the winter, ice-covered thousands of miles north, snow wave, but at the Goudi as warm as in spring, spring BUZZ even jump A green life. Divergence came to demonstrate in front of you is one of the magnificent scenery. View high, the size of the green channel 2 as Python, "" font convergence here, smoke Lin vast, magnificent momentum. Goudi bird's eye view, the party dark-green jungle side of tender green paddy fields, well north of the southern flavor. Daqinggou Department of the West Liaohe River Basin in southern Horqin sand, the trench to preserve the precious species of hardwood forest, for the ditch on the sand dunes to woodland and grassland, with the vast expanse of sand around the lump formed a landscape of great contrast. Flora in the region composed of more complicated, there are 767 kinds of higher plants, Ash, walnut Tianma, and other countries for the protection of plants. Protected areas and special geographical location of the dense forest cover, known as Luo Qiang tax Marketing Island in a pearl.

  Trench towering old trees, vast Lin; Health over the understory plants, forest habitat for rare birds and animals; bottom BUZZ spring, the current four seasons; come together to form a spring water from the River Ice-free year round, the vast Lin often be Yunzhewuzhang. Although Xiaoqing groove of "small", but Huguangshanse to show people a different scenic spots. Gap Tsing Interchange size, Sancha-in-one, then blue sea days, Sensen Valley, beautiful scenery, stunning. Even take up protected areas by the ups and downs of the endless sand surrounded by grassland As a result, the pleasant scenery, unique landscapes, ancient species and a large number of natural grassland scenery, not to let this summer leisure and holiday favorite subjects are people's passion. After more than a decade of large-scale construction of protected areas in the development of scenic spots, transport communications, accommodation, dining, shopping and entertainment with all aspects of a large Travel inside and outside the reception. In the past three years, the volume of tourists to enter each year to about 20% of the rapid increase in speed. The magic was Daqinggou the oldest in its original natural, pure simplicity landscape and scenic meet every nature-loving friends into her dream of a warm embrace.

  Daqinggou unique tourism projects in the environmental conditions and the outlook of the original premise, has now developed into a drifting adventure, roaming the desert, grassland race, customs, and other items. Daqinggou can be divided into three areas, namely Daqinggou scenic views, scenic adventure and drifting Divergence Little Green Lake Leave the village area. Full tour to be on the 2nd. Day, overlooking Green Gully, Foguangpuzhao, try green horse, Mongolia-hunting, Lansheng primeval forests, natural bathing beach; Two-Day Tour, drifting exploration, Caoyuanmuge, desert exploration, fishing Little Green Lake, grassland fire, and so on .

  Daqinggou unique tourism project In the environmental conditions and the outlook of the original premise, has developed a drifting adventure, roaming, horse riding, hunting, and other items.

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