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Tourism Hulun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Tourism Hulun - Chinese tourism scenic spots

In Ersanwannian ago, ancient human - nur Dalai bar on the area in Hulun survive, to create a culture of Hulun the original.

  Since about 200 years BC (Western Han period) until the Qing Dynasty, 2,000 years in time, the Hulun Buir Grassland in their Rao's natural resources has given birth to many of the nomads in northern China, known as "nomads of north China's history, the cradle of growth." Hu East, the Huns, Xianbei, Shiwei, Turks, Huihe Khitan, Nuzhen, Mongolia, nomadic tribes more than a dozen, or is making determined efforts in this, or this Zhuanxi, campaign, separatism and create Brilliant nomadic culture.

  Hulun Buir League has a vast territory, beautiful scenery. There are lush grassland water, Greenfield's stirring Daxing'anling Lin, criss-crossing the river, spread all over the lake to form a magnificent picture. Many of the nation and their own customs, Jane The historical relics, the lot of local flavor, but also for the beautiful and rich color Hulun added. Pleasant summer climate here is a summer resort; winter snow-wrapped, one scenery in the north. Hulun Buir League of the autonomous region is rich in tourism resources in the most areas of the National Tourism has been identified as one of the two scenic spots and One of the six major scenic country, is China's only listed as a national grassland areas focused on the development of tourism.

  Hulun vast grassland pastures, plants and a large variety of lush growth, and rivers all over our country to maintain a good ecological, unpolluted one of the prairie. Daxinganling Primeval forest, secondary forest and slash update Lin landscape in place, Castle Peak Weiwei, the vast Lin, is a natural museum of Wild Fauna and Flora. Hulun Buir League of rivers and lakes to the vast land of the dress was wonderful. Yan Bo vast Hulun, diving birds Xiang, known as "Qushui best in the world." Manzhouli Border Town grass Hailar City, Lin Yakeshi City, in the mountain city of Zalantun, these cities have different architectural style, unique. "Dalai bar-nur people skull fossil", "Shishi Xianbei Old Town" and "black mountain city", "Phnom Penh trench," and so on, you can make the most out of our visitors to the ancient northern peoples in the history of footprints left here; Ergun Mongolian valley is the birthplace of Genghis Khan can be seen here in the reunification of the Mongolian grasslands dominated at the ancient battlefield. Mongolia, Daur, Ewenki, Oroqen, and other national production and national culture and way of life, constitutes a unique human landscape.

  Hulun Buir League has been the development of the construction of the Hulun Buir grassland, forests, lakes, ports, customs, and other minority-based group of major tourist attractions and scenic areas, the shape of the "main line, two auxiliary lines," as the main framework for domestic tourism, international tourism, border tourism, Outbound tourism as the main content of the pattern of tourism development. In order for the city of Hailar Heart from the city of Hailar to Manzhouli City, a main line and the city to Erguna Hailar City, the city of Hailar to Yakeshi two lines along the Des started to take shape into a Chen-Hu Barr flag and called Nour, Ewenki Autonomous Banner group called Bayan-suk, Yakeshi Phoenix Hill, Hulun small mouth, and other 10 major tourist Point. At the same time, tourism infrastructure, tourism and improved reception conditions, the growing ranks of the tourism industry, the overall quality and level of service to improve year by year. From the Hulun Buir League also travel to Russia and Mongolia. At present, Russia has already opened, the Mongolian one, two, three, five, seven tour. Near adjacent to the city, as far as Moss And Ulan Bator.

Hulun is a main Mongolian, Han-dominated multi-ethnic inhabited areas. In the long history of these peoples have been living together in a beautiful piece of land, the People's Republic of China after the establishment of the new life of ethnic minorities, many years, the Greek Equality and the rights of ownership dream a reality. The national fiscal balance calendar fight, to defend the motherland and the construction of the northern border has contributed. Decades of economic construction and social development and enable all ethnic minorities in all aspects of the profound changes have taken place.

  Facing the development of the western region, The revitalization of the North, with emphasis on strengthening the national economic and technological cooperation between Russia and Mongolia, the industrialized countries into the development of heavy chemical industry phase, autonomous regions and accelerate the development of UNITA in the eastern city of comprehensive economic and other opportunities. Hulun Buir City of economic and social development of the strategic positioning is that adhere to people-oriented, and firmly establish and implement the scientific concept of development, based on superiority into Highlight the item and the stimulation of investment-led efforts to build the city of Hulun autonomous regions, the Northeast and even the country's major resource-based energy and heavy chemical industry base, green and eco-tourism base, port-trade co-operation and import and export products processing base.

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