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Baita (10,000 made by China and Tajikistan) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Baita (10,000 made by China and Tajikistan) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Known as the "White Pagoda." Hohhot is located in the eastern suburbs 17 kilometers Department of Baita Village. Liao Feng, formerly the ancient city within a Tibetan Buddhist monastery in the tower. 55.5 m high tower for the seven-story octagonal pavilion-style tower Zhuanmu. Tower as a whole, well-structured, an integral whole. There are positive embedded Zhuanshu "Kegon 10,000 by the tower," Dan Bian Tower are beautifully embossed on the surface of the Buddha, Bodhisattva, King Kong, like Book and Beaulieu column, and so on. Modeling beautiful sculpture, lifelike. So far there is to preserve the tower wall of the Jin Dynasty stone ages 6 and visitors to use Chinese, Khitan, Nuzhen, Pat Bath, Mongolian, Tibetan and other written text of more than 200 questions in mind, Xiang Zhou Cheng-feng and recorded at the time of the urban construction, historical customs, and so on. The tower is China's Liaoning existing tower of the most beautiful one, in 1982, the State Council announced a national key cultural unit.

  Where is that three generations of the Liao, Jin and Yuan Zhou Cheng-feng of the site, due to years of man-made damage and However, erosion, is now the only rough-shaped tower, its high for the residual 43 meters. Nyorai The Story of the Buddha stupa is located, is in the northwest city of Kyongju of Liao Dynasty, was built in 1049. The tower has been the creation of more than 930 years, but still basically intact. In the golden light under the bright sunlight, and the chalk soil of the tower with whitewash reflect All the more rich and colorful, so that visitors Shen Yi. To protect the ancient buildings, Hohhot Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and relevant units, to invite the archaeological, historical, architectural experts, on the eastern outskirts of Hohhot Baita conducted research to determine the repair program. 1985 - 1987 with a three-year period to carry out the project in three phases Toru Repair. Today, the grand Baita Liao Dynasty, it is old and new look, re-present the face of domestic and foreign tourists.

  As a result of white species also known as the White Pagoda tower, located 18 km in the eastern suburbs of Hohhot Baita village, as reported by Steven Liao Jian.

  The tower-style pavilion for Zhuanmu Structure, about 45 meters high, magnificent, and there are rotating tower staircase, there is overlap of the staggered multi-Mu Liang, climbed to the top of the tower overlooking beautiful scenery.

  Outside the tower has beautiful brick, the tower floors have gold, Yuan, Ming and Qing visitors on behalf of the title in mind, some of which are also new, such as ink, so that in addition to title in mind Chinese characters, there are Khitan characters, Nuzhen text, text Mongolia, ancient Syria and ancient Persian words such as text, the region is to study the history and culture of information.

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