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Mohe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mohe - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Mohe County is located in the northern end of the motherland, the summer season because of their crafts day for up to 19 hours, also known as "never sleeps."

  Mohe County, according to the North Pole Village before rolling in Heilongjiang, fell across the mountains to fall back on, Lenz wooden houses arranged orderly. Steady stream of visitors all year round here at home and abroad, especially in the summer of each year Before and after the Mohe County, organized the "Summer Festival", visitors are more crowds, away because they can not only visit the "frontier North Sentinel", "China very Monument", "garden of wild poppy," and "a most North" and many other attractions, It also spent the magic of the "day of" Night, who will be fortunate enough to have witnessed the northern lights that shine day , Over the magical golden color picture.

  If visitors are interested in, but also along the ancient "golden road" to the well-known "rouge ditch" to explore. According to historical records, in 1889, the Qing government had set up post in North gold, gold mining was the legendary Empress Dowager Cixi used to exchange with foreigners rouge, "ditch rouge" Named after this. Exploring the visitors to this visit to Cuba, can be used in the original screen with gold, to experience the fun of the old Gold Rush hand, and look at modern gold mining operations of the grand scenes of the ship.

  In the northern part of Heilongjiang Daxinganling region, a border town - the town of Mohe, the northernmost place in China, known as China's North Pole Village. "Here, we can see a magical landscape of the astronomical - Northern Lights. Therefore, the town of Mohe is also known as the" never sleeps. "

Mohe is located in the north latitude of 53 � south bank of the Sino-Russian border in Heilongjiang River, such as the perennial cold winter and summer, only about half a month, the most But the temperature 20 ?, the night is only around 10 ?, day and night short day up more than 19 hours. Summer Night, if you are lucky, could also see the Northern Lights in the Arctic village of Heng Kong born presence. This is the only way to appreciate the brilliance of our world, the strange beauty of "Northern Lights". Winter " A Village "

  Xue-hai one vast, ice-covered thousands of miles, Xuepiao miles north of the scenery, the speeding sled Mara, distinctive taste, so that all tourists to hang around. Mohe 82 km west of the ancient village Luo, China is the third river - the source of the Heilongjiang. Here, you can visit his mother in Northeast Source; also along the ancient one of the "golden road" to find those hard and tenacious gold's footsteps flash.

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