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Ukraine-response plans - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ukraine-response plans - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hohhot is located 12 km north-west area south of Daqing. "Ukraine-map" for the Mongolian, meaning "place where there is water." Mu Qing plans call by the edge of the main temple, the Jubilee Act Temple, Temple longevity, Shou Guang Temple and Luo Hansi 5 adjacent to the composition of the temple. Ukraine-map for collectively.

Qing Wu at the edge of Temple-response plans in the , Is the main temple, the Ming Emperor Wanli. Temple Jubilee Act in Temple the northeast margin of the Qing, from the temple is a temple of the most unique, unique architecture, ornate, Yongzheng Dynasty three years. Jubilee Act Temple Treasures of the Living Buddha called III-Wang Luo Busang Zhale finishing the Tibetan Buddhist lama great sumbawa written by Khenpo "Khenpo sumba After "printing, the total length of 49 cm, 7 cm wide, a total of 3455, covering economic, legal, the theory of medicine, the number five. Longevity Temple Temple is located in the east margin of the Qing, Kangxi Dynasty years. Luo Hansi in the Qing Temple is the northern edge, built Yongzhengnianjian. Shou Guang Temple in North Luo Hansi on the slopes, formerly known as Luo Review Temple-building, in the early Ming Longqing years, Ukraine is the first call-graph of a temple.

  Qing edge of Temple, top-Ukraine plans call centers, the main temple. The largest is the Ukrainian-called first-generation chart a Living Buddha Ming Emperor Wanli 11 (Year 1583), Wanli in the next 34 years (the year 1606 ) Completed; 48 Qianlong (1783 AD, that is, 200 years after the creation of), added Hall building, until the following year by the Chinese Ching Ming, called "geo-Qing Temple." Jubilee Act in the Qing Temple temple in the northeastern edge of its unique architecture, both within and outside the ornate, from the temple is the richest of the characteristics of a temple, according to the research, is the Monastery for Ukraine - Living Buddha called third-generation Luo Busang Zhale Wang Qing Emperor Yongzheng in three years (1725 AD) built. 60 years after 50 years of Qing Emperor Qianlong (1785 AD), by the Qing imperial court life Han called "Jubilee Temple."

  Longevity Temple in the Qing edge of the Temple in the east. 36 years of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing (1697 AD), Lai Su-long economic chaor created. The temples in the Qing Dynasty before and after the repairs have as many as six times, the halls of the temple painting and sculpture Ni Xiang, to liberation, is still relatively complete. The temple and the previous record Jiansi Xiurong Stone Age 2, Dianqian stands in the east and west sides of the West for the Mongolian, Chinese for the East, the contents of the inscription The same.

  Luo Hansi in the Qing due north edge of the Temple. Ukraine is the third-generation map-Living-Wang Luo Busang Zhale Yongzheng in the three years (Year 1725), Jubilee and the law of the Temple built by the temple at the same time, but on a smaller scale. Ukraine-called map of the Living Buddha, Wang Luo Busang Zhale passed after the Five Dynasties, the eighth Seoul Pearl relief Year died in 1930, it did not look for call completion Lehan, the Living Buddha from the temple to stop the "reincarnation."

  Shou Guang Temple in North Luo Hansi on the slopes,?????speed of the original wooden temple, the Zen master Chahar Qutugtu early years Longqing behalf of the Ming (AD 1567-157 ), Ukraine is the first call-graph of a temple. In the 29 years of Emperor Kangxi (1690 AD), I tried to call the chaor Ngawang relief and the expansion of Dan Le Pi, by the Kangxi Emperor Qin thanks to the "law into life-Canton Temple", later referred to as the "Shou Guang Temple." In the nine-year-ching Xianfeng (1859 AD), has been rebuilt once. After The lama temple of the small number of seats gradually became an trying to call the temple. After the liberation, as a result of disrepair can not be restored were removed.

  Ukraine-map method called Jubilee Temple, a collection of the Living Buddha called III-Wang Luo Busang Zhale finishing the Tibetan Lama Khenpo great sumbawa written by Master "by the Khenpo sumba" Diaoban in order to know . The board by 49 cm long, 7 cm wide, a total of 3,455 pieces of carving, including content, theory, medicine, law, the count of five, is a valuable book in the Tibetan language. Tibetan language that the 'third' for 'Somba', that 'Venerable' to 'Khenpo',
"Somba written by Khenpo '" the third book Venerable '. This is a rare version by. One medicine, mathematics for the essence of high scientific value, is an important cultural relics. Ukraine-response plans of several generations living Buddha Lama, have very high medical, that is, by this version of the closely related.

  Ukraine-response plans Yishanbangshui, mountain Yoo Sung-apricot shade. Spring flowers and birds are Zhengyan, the summer show is competing Sangma, to see yellow in autumn and winter tours Xuefeng. The change at any time throughout the year have concentrated on the US-installed Dan Ma. Lee called hot spots of the old "left Hongxing Village ', refers to the Ukraine-call plans, known as" Fan Hong apricot dock "reputation. Zhao along the East and West after the remains of Zhao Great Wall, there is surface Rammed earth from the wall, the wall board with a little perspective, pitching mountains and rivers, the vast boundless. Looking view, in Qingcheng Yunyan wind around, as if a large dragon Heihe pour into the Yellow River to the west, on a train in the field and blur, soil Tumochuan mountains and rivers and pose a beautiful piece of the picture, best video Eye. Ukraine has become a call-graph To Lansheng.

Zhao after the temple ruins of the Great Wall, Rammed earth's surface has protruding wall. Yishanbangshui temples, lush trees, beautiful scenery in spring and summer, is a tourist destination in the suburbs.

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