Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Drug Quanshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Drug Quanshan - Chinese tourism scenic spots

The mountains are of volcanic Wudalianchi 14 is the minimum altitude of a minimum, the volcano is located in Wudalianchi group in the south, the elevation of 355.8 meters, 60.8 meters above the ground, crater diameter of 240 meters, 30 meters deep. Burner at the bottom of the flat foot of the distribution of many of the spa. Quanshan mineral known to medicine, Scenic spa park.

Quanshan medicine to treat spring water has reached the history of centuries-old, known as the "holy water", the treatment of high value, may be drinking bath. The drink of the digestive, blood, nervous system diseases have a significant effect; bath rule may be skin, eye diseases, such as hair loss Suffering.

Hill's Center for Drug Quanshan Park Lake has a drug-chuen, Black Dragon Pavilion, antique gallery, Deer Bridge, longevity park attractions.

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