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Hirayama hunting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hirayama hunting - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Hirayama hunting ground is located in the southeast city of the Arab-Town, 70 km away from Harbin, Harbin to Yabuli presence of the highway through the area. It is the view of hunting tourism base, the Northeast is the largest wild animal breeding bases and production base of rare medicinal herbs. There are field hunting areas, scenic Luyuan, bird park, fishing areas, Resort operators, restaurants, night clubs and so on.

  At the Heilongjiang Academy of Forestry Hirayama wildlife laboratory industry facilities in the region. Address for the location of the N 127019-23, 45013-19 north latitude, the distance is only 70 km Harbin, Harbin - Yabuli area by the presence of high-grade highways . Hirayama to the core market, 20 km west have Yuquan hunting, there are 40 km west downtown site, 30 km north-west Red Star have a reservoir, 17 km north-east have Song Fengshan, the East has Yabuli ski resort, 15 km south of the West have a spring reservoir The whole constitutes a serving Hashi, Cheng, Shang, Bin, the five permanent members of the Golden Triangle Tour.

  Northeast China is the largest wild animal breeding base, production base of rare drugs viewing and hunting tourism base. The whole area of 343,000,000 square meters, the main 6 functionality: Luyuan scenic areas: the market closed and a half to dissipate into the atmosphere deer Quanzhan 4,640,000 M, is the largest in northeast China's deer, red deer breeding center, the existing 650 sika deer and 100 red deer, small animals have to watch pheasant, dragon, Yi Hu, foxes, squirrels, Huang You, and so on. There are spots in the circle Babel, Luyuan kiosks, kiosks mushrooms, Luyuan Court, sky-feng, steamed Hill, Luyuan , Luyuan Lake Services: Wildlife watching, mountain climbing, picnicking, camping.

  Resort: The construction area of 800 square meters, the structure of the brick building, 80 beds, rooms for affordable, small conference rooms, building a wash shower, toilet, and other relevant services, while also building a small Shop and deer products, drug product showrooms for visitors to buy souvenirs. Night Club: The construction area of 180 square meters, mainly catering facilities, sound, dance floor, karaoke OK, and so on. Restaurant: The construction area of 200 square meters, high, medium and low-grade restaurants, karaoke OK, people can receive 100 meals. Fish : The construction area of 150,000 square meters, visitors can go fishing, fishing gear from tourism companies to rent. Bird Park: 100 square meters of construction area, some 10 birds for visitors to watch. Production of the drugs are rare: Lubianbujiu, Lu Tai cream, cream fill Senate deer, deer horn and films, spent Lubian, Ma Lu Bian, velvet flowers.

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