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Harbin Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Harbin Tourism - Chinese tourism scenic spots

China's administrative territory, is located in the northeast border of Heilongjiang For wings and fly like a swan, and the provincial capitals - Harbin, as this swan under a bright pearl. White dove flying, Saint Sofia church from the solemn tone of the saint; sunny, Sun Island to arouse people's fond memories; European feelings European Central Avenue building radiates with the East's presence in Paris;-wrapped snow, ice and snow of the World neon dream of paradise lead; driving snow, Yabuli Ski Nordic rivals ... ... beautiful Songhua River winding through , Wash away a century of the Bard, Xijinqianhua, Harbin, the night seemed to like poetry about her Magic may dream of Many Lives, Many Masters.



  Harbin has a long history of history, is part of the Qing dynasty, the birthplace of two generations, "Harbin" is the name from the Manchu language, "Al-Kam" come into, which means the reputation, honor. The rise of modern Harbin began in the late 19th century 0 at the beginning of the century, which is never a wall of the city, also first open awareness of the characteristics of the first international city.


  End of the 19th century, the Russians here in the construction of the railway in the Middle East, there were more than 30 countries, more than 16 residents gathered in the economic and cultural So that the unprecedented prosperity of Harbin in northeast Asia at that time became the most prestigious international business in Western culture mastered the classics here, down from generation to generation, Harbin is still kept a lot of European-style buildings, only the central streets of this 1400 meters of Zhang Jie Standing on the Byzantine, the Baroque, Renaissance and other U.S. construction, Harbin has always been "Little Paris", "Oriental Moscow" good reputation. Chinese and western wall construction in the city, distinctive style. Humanity has a long history not only of the Celebration of the Arts history and culture of ethnic minorities in the north, but the combination of Chinese and Western cities. Majestic St. Sofia church, mysterious atmosphere Cover Nicholas Church, the Russian style wooden Kit Kat, the chic and elegant Gothic-style buildings, construction of the European Central Avenue, Yajie sprightly tone of the building, a false picture, such as the bustling city of Kam-style, the annual "Harbin Summer "concert," Ice and Snow Festival "of the international ice sculpture competition Xuesu, as well as the" National Trade Fair, "reflects all the" Oriental Moscow "a unique charm.


Yu said the "First Street of Harbin," the central street, best exemplifies the "Oriental Moscow" of the rich connotation. Central Avenue is the Harbin Street, 000 Street, the protection of the street, and street signs, pedestrian, Street art building, bustling commercial street, tourism and leisure Street, the public street culture, and was (in the 1930s of the twentieth century) in the Far East's most famous immigrant street, the most bustling commercial street, the Financial Street and Cultural Street, on both sides of the street & Shops, restaurants hotels, dance theater, a restaurant bar. Main Street's buildings, protruding dome High-arch windows, or classical elegance, beauty, or tall and straight, have a common origin in the Tenth Five-Year, the sixth century Renaissance-style, in the early seventeenth century Baroque style, eclectic, as well as the end of the nineteenth century a new beginning of the 20th century Art Nouveau architecture.



Street-wide and has a European-style Continental Building 71, brings together European-style building 13 city-level protection. These building embodies the essence of Western architecture, the whole of Central Avenue is an architectural art gallery. Today, large-scale restoration of European-style - as "Oriental Moscow" icing on the cake - the successful completion of the completion of Main Street, is the sub - The largest of the longest pedestrian street, different style of the West Thistle Street six, seven West St., Central City, home of vehicles factory in front of the building and so on around the leisure area, constitutes a central street-leisure, entertainment, tourism, shopping as one of the new urban landscape, "Oriental Moscow" become even more features, attractive attention. Harbin is located in the northernmost China, a long winter and short summer, cool summer, pleasant, long and cold winter, snow and ice Jiufu cultural reputation, "The Bard" said the snow is tourism, leisure summer resort. There is Asia's largest ski resort - Yabuli Ski Resort Ski Resort, as well as the Second Long, Europe and Asia window Resort dozens of well-equipped, well-large-scale ski tourism sites; annual "Harbin Ice and Snow Festival" is a snow and ice resources of a large gathering, Lin Bing-Feng, silver eagle Ice-snow sculpture of the block can be found everywhere, it is Dazzling, away.


  Harbin natural scenery Yi Scene in this fertile soil, lush forests, Jiangchuan China, the largest closed-end hunting - hunting Yuquan; large-scale training of wild Siberian tiger raising base - Siberian Tiger Park; Sun Island, Erlongshan, Song Fengshan Scenic spots such as the scenery is different, just to name a few.


  Kazakhstan Bin human landscape architectural style, distinctive style, set in the North and foreign customs and traditional culture all in one, both on behalf of the local religious civilization of the Kek Lok Si Temple and the Confucian Temple, and various forms odd churches; as the "first in Asia Steel tower, "Long proudly stand tower, the shiny, new people is the pride of Longjiang. Unique ice and snow resources, vast lakes and mountains and rivers, rich European style and bold and rugged northern part of the country's customs add radiance to each other, constitutes a beautiful piece of Harbin picture, she quietly leaned in the Songhua River, the only people to be careful to read And taste.

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