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Harbin Ice Hockey Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Harbin Ice Hockey Hall - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Harbin Ice Center, located in eight district sports center, with a total construction area of 15,500 square meters, has a 6,000 seat audience, is the largest, highest grade of the ice hockey Hall. February 4, 1996, Asia in the history of the largest Asian Winter Games, the third Asian Winter Games The opening ceremony, which was held here.

  Ice Hockey-the-art library facilities with artificial ice refrigeration 1830 square meters, can be ice hockey, figure skating, short track speed skating competition, and other items can also be carried out large-scale theatrical performance. At 20 o'clock on the February 4, 1996, the third Asian Winter Games open In a grand ceremony held here, and successfully hosted the closing ceremony and ice hockey competitions. Asian Winter Games, Hockey Hall have also hosted the Asia-Pacific region, such as youth ice hockey tournament major sports events, and set up the first domestic-skating and roller skating as one of the Black Dragon health club, not only to meet the health needs of the masses , Achieved good economic results.

  Harbin Ice Hockey Hall of China's largest special stadium, in order to better adapt to the requirements of the game Shi Donghui, the museum has been since last year on the existing equipment was perfect. Xu Yingjun director of the Harbin Ice Hockey Hall said: "The Harbin Ice Hockey Hall as the host Have the right and obligation to Shi Donghui good service, so we did not miss every detail to make the team coaches and athletes here to get better service. "

  Xuguan Zhang also said that the did, they invested more than 1,000 of the 10,000 pairs of stadium every detail of a careful study and repair Even the cover did not let room. They use a special color plates of ice for insulation, this material is of small size and light weight, the venue for the temperature control has played a desired effect. And they brought in imports from Canada tempered glass wall panels, so that no matter how fierce the competition can ensure the safety of ice hockey. Ice Good or bad has a direct impact on the performance of athletes, so they imported from the United States to ensure that cars pouring ice ice quality.

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