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Ukraine-map forest tourism development zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ukraine-map forest tourism development zone - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Ukraine-map forest tourism and entertainment zone at Peking University Huhehaote Castle Hill before the middle of the east ditch Qin Kamal from the West to the East Village studio, an area of 6 hectares.

Here excellent location, close to 110 National Highway, called packets, called packet-Beijing railway and highway, railway station, 5 km away from flying Field 10 km.

Here elegant environment, the evergreen conifers in the mountains, Greenfield off; foot of the mountain forest of fruit trees, blue waves reflected. Scenery and pleasant throughout the year, is ideal for holiday travel.

In addition to the natural landscape, there is also a lot of focus on human landscape. There are ruins of the Great Wall of the Warring States period, Zhao, Han Mo Bei Road, the site of the ancient white, and set Mongolian, Han and Tibetan architectural style as one of the Ukraine-response plans, rather academic, archaeological value.

  The first phase of the development of Ukrainian-tourism map, 9 km from the city center with a total area of 4000 hectares, is a mountain range in the low Yinshan Hill landscape, the mountains, such as screen, which rise amid permanent peaks, gullies Wang, the landscape changes in the thousands. Evergreen conifers in the mountains, Jade, Pinnacle willow in the ditch, gurgling streams, down the mountain forest of fruit trees, blue reflection. Park Zhao Great Wall of the Warring States period, Han-Mo Bei Road and the old white post, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing period, "Laoyemiao", set in the Qing Dynasty Mongolian, Tibetan architectural style for Ukraine's body-on-call plans, and so constitute Cui Margaret's natural scenery and unique landscape of the human landscape. Among them, "apricot dock Safranin" scenic, apricot merging, the endless, Heng Fa Chuen open in the spring, autumn leaves, Manshanhongbian, to make into a forest, Hohhot is a long history of one of the eight major King. Stroll in the park, everywhere Poetic, it is away.

  Ukraine-tourism and entertainment zone map is the predecessor of the Ukraine-map experimental forest, ancient forest board, Castle Peak Forest Farm, 1992 by the former State Ministry of Forestry approved the establishment of Ukrainian-map tourism and entertainment zone.

  For a long time, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, And two hot city party committee and government leadership on forest park construction and development has given great attention and support. Has come here to inspect and guide the work of tourism and entertainment zone of the building spoke highly of it.

  In recent years, the use of Forest Park, and other forms of investment, people rely on People's Park built, were built hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, reception, and other places and man-made lake, the water stream, the Tigers Kong, Shiwaitaoyuan, promenade, the Green Gallery, open-air dance hall, Wu-Longquan, 24 pavilions artistic attractions. Ukraine-map Recreation Center has been ground-breaking, chart-Uganda Wildlife Park is being developed. These projects Construction so that tourists will return in nature, mold, Inner Mongolia fully aware of the rich forest resources, popularize scientific and cultural knowledge.

  Tourism and entertainment projects colorful amusement zone. In recent years, the new evening campfire, water in the world, Niaoyu Lin, viewing tiger's mouth, forest exploration. Into the deer, dove of peace, Sichuan, and other animals, pony, giving the tourists fresh, Xing Tour double. The best tour in May 1 to October 1.

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