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Daqing children's park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Daqing children's park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Daqing City, children's play park is a good place for leisure. The park is located in the seven Saertuqu Friendship Road, Main Street, was founded in 1981, Park area of 230,000 square meters, the lake area of 35,000 square meters. The whole garden is divided into 7 areas, a total of 110 projects, landscape architecture, 17, Des Building 14, 48 small-scale gardens, large-scale machine 8, 18 kinds of man-made landscape, systems engineering 5.

  East Gate Park, there are more than 20,000 square meters of the main entrance of the Plaza, Central Plaza, located circular fountain, there is a positive set of sculptures of children, on both sides of the park and the lights are Huachi. Park at either end Classical Gardens of an independent district, according to Po with the original stone revetment as to form a curved lotus pond. Arranged around a lotus pond Fang Ting, and the promenade Shui Xie, the water Quqiao Hu Xinting connect with fans on both sides of the pavilion symmetry, and Xiao-Ting-chun shuho risers across the pavilion, XIA Yan Ting-ting and snow echoes.

Tong Park, the city of Daqing is the largest amusement park. There are parks for children, children of a variety of large-scale sets of 18 recreational facilities, such as the monorail train in the air, controlled aircraft, rockets landing on the moon, swivel chair, water dragons, the concept of high Ferris wheel, to horses, wild rats, spacecraft, air bicycle , Pedal boat , Bumper car, glider flying wing, such as aerospace tower. Also recently completed large-scale can be carried out at the same time open-air swimming and surfing the Water Park.

The amusement park-the-art sound facilities and good service by the people of the city of Daqing, in particular young people and children from bad love, holidays are often a Where to stay on the small of a half-day. Daqing is also outsiders know there is such a good place to have been to a lot of people. In recent years, Sansishiwan to receive visitors every year.

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