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Wudalianchi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wudalianchi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wudalianchi in the north of a tourism, health resort, located in Heilongjiang Province and Germany all county, 413 km from Harbin. Five major volcanic eruption is the pool side of the lava flow blocked the river Shirakawa, bead-like formation of the five lakes named after.

  This is a dormant volcano's base. Wudalianchi in the surrounding Distribution has 14 volcanoes and lava over 60 square kilometers of the platform. This group of volcanic base, from where they stand, different shape, and form a unique scenic spot, it is also known here as a "volcano park" or "natural volcanic museum."

  Wudalianchi There are two major characteristics. First, the strange scene By the volcanic eruption of lava formed by lava, some as a long queue, and some in the trunk, such as water, and some like a waterfall, life-like image. There is also a very good-looking appearance of the "stone", about 23 meters high, which is set stacked layers of lava formed. Underground lava flows formed lava empty, the trip is Those who are interested.

  Here, visitors can pick up 12 of the strange shape of the lava for commemoration. Second, there are rich mineral resources, mineral water poured out of other places. These were cold mineral spring spa, the water temperature low, with dozens of useful elements on the human body, collectively referred to as re-carbonated mineral water This can drink mineral water bath, to the treatment of stomach illness, neurasthenia, skin disease, high blood pressure, and other diseases. Now here has built dozens of nursing home spa, marble reception in the requirements of patients treated with mineral water.

  Wudalianchi the main tourist attractions are: Wudalianchi, drug Quanshan parks, museums volcano Wudalianchi the five pool connectivity between each other, even 20 kilometers long, the water area of 40 square kilometers, the deepest Bai Yumi. Drug Quanshan 350 meters above sea level, 14 volcanic cones in the smallest one, because the spring water has the role of drugs, known as the holy water. There are all kinds of landscape architecture in the park. Volcano Museum, is In the Lao Heishan, Hill fire erupted in 1719-1721, the latest period for China's volcano, to preserve the integrity of the volcanic geological features. The band then known as the Volcano Museum.

  Dragon Boat Festival each year, Wudalianchi people to lead a section of drinking water, which is the most solemn day throughout the year, the city put in a row Three days. This 0.1-day Dragon Boat Festival, Stephen Wei Ju in the drink next to the people, they ring out from each other pipes in drinking water, drinking water for each person's face shows a sweet smile, Fuk Road each other. Legend, Dragon Boat Festival 0:00 of the water is a symbol of good fortune, "Shen Shui" and "holy water", can cure all diseases, the clock drinking The water, to remove the annual disaster.

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