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Harbin Zoo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Harbin Zoo - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Located in the Nangang District, Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, Wo Hing Road 95. It is the National Zoo one of the eight major integrated, is now feeding more than 200 species of animals on display, only 2,000 (first), there are rare animals Siberian tiger, golden monkey, Asian elephants, hippopotamuses, red-crowned cranes, deer, and so on. Is a collection of wildlife protection, in one exhibition A good place.

  Harbin Zoo, covers an area of 37.25 hectares, the park has beast, primates and herbivores area district, has become a wild animal exhibition, species protection, scientific research, popular science promotion as an important base.

  Forest Zoo in Harbin in 2004 to build Opening to the outside world, the park currently has more than 5,000 kinds of wild animals only. The animals are spacious premises, the permeability of space and advanced facilities, designed and built for winter tourists to visit the exhibition hall so that visitors can warm environment and animal "close contact."

  China is the seven animals One of the predecessor of today is the Northeast Forestry University experimental forest, covering 37.25 hectares, the park has beast, primates and herbivores zone area. Northeast Tiger Park is a precious animals, the park in 1957 Siberian tiger breeding success. Today, the park's tigers have their own breeding, but also for the sake of keeping Tiger kind of degradation is not specially imported from Siberia, although they are growing up in cages, but the species is still pure, majestic, the eighth of the Ice and Snow Festival to select the mascot of the Northeast Tiger Park, "Wei-wei."

  From the tropical animals such as Asia, the white rhino, hippopotamus is the largest body within the zoo animals, Zoo is the focus of "take care" of the object. Heating up the elephant museum piece more than 1,000 in order to ensure the indoor temperature at zero degrees Celsius on 20. Ling-long Museum of keeping the hanging monkey, lemurs, squirrel monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees, and so only 100 animals, their cages are hung before the thermometer. Wolves, bears, wild boar, and other animals, although natural resistance , The zoo for the construction of the tunnels they, tree holes, for their windshield snow cover.

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