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Qing Princess House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing Princess House - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Qing Princess House, located on the northern outskirts of Hohhot City. 5 into the mansion, and there was a room, hall and inside the house, in front of Zhao Bi-li, there is the eastern part of a rockery, pond. According to the transcript, "Princess Chi House" set, Fuchu Junji fourth woman has to live Princess Providence, Duo Ergun's granddaughter and had chattered Shuo, the female Emperor Kangxi of the Sixth Princess Jing Ke enough. Old mansion In spite of the building changed several times, faintly visible, but its old pattern.

  Princess clearance in the House Road Huhehaote Saihan East. Princess House Qing Qing Emperor Kangxi for the fourth female Princess Jing Ke's mansion. Jing Ke Hu Hai Bang popular Princess Princess, Kuo Chuan-class network for Roche born, said a sixth woman to Emperor Kangxi.

  Qing Dynasty, Mongolia To implement the policy of appeasement, Jing Ke princess to marry under the Khalkha Mongolia to thank the Department of Soil map Khan's son don cloth more Duoer Ji, called the early-suk and Princess, also called Princess Jing Ke, and then called Jing Ke-lun??. Princess House has moved to three, the beginning of Qingshuihe County Home Garden Lane, after the transfer of the old city of Hohhot Zhada Hai River northwest of the West Bank, Yongzheng Between (1723-1735) also built the existing mansion. Princess House 5 into the building, the door had room, hall and inside the house, in front of a large Li Zhao Bi, there are houses in the eastern pond and a rockery.

  Jing Ke funeral after the death of Princess Dai village in the eastern suburbs the United States, the United States near the village of Dai Hei on the big four to make an irrigated village House owners, the descendants of many of its live here. Princess House near their ranch, after the construction of small village life for the House, Hing House camps. Although the mansion by the use of modern alterations to the original layout has not changed the basic, Hohhot has now turned into museums, organized by the use of ancient architecture and cultural relics on display the exhibition, visitors.

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