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Song Fengshan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Fengshan Nature Reserve - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song Fengshan Nature Reserve, located in Harbin City, 45 km south of the city of the Arab-Israeli town Hill, an area of about 146 square kilometers, is the eco-forest nature reserve. Jin-Qing Song Fengshan in the region are two generations of Taoist Holy Land, which is hilly and Gusong called Song Fengshan.

  Song Fengshan 627 meters above sea level, the main Chimney and the peak shape of the nipple different peaks, open mouth lion peak, peak board, composed of Dan Jingfeng, and other peaks. Peak known as La-chimney, steep in a critical situation, the teams seemed to be double-feng, since ancient times, there is the Golden Resources Ru Feng said.

  Beishan Bingzhi Wufeng, many rocks, Xiangyingchengqu. Feng Lin Maocao the mountains, there are many sudden Peak The peak ring. In the scenic Dan Jingfeng, the remaining two were built in the Qing Dynasty Taoist Jiaqing years, the temple site, which is Haiyun concept and Canon floor. There is also the first al-Taiwan, spring wells, Shi, Road View Road and then land the game Go, and other historic sites. There are natural mountainside Cave, inside the cave, "Tung Tai Xu Song Fengshan," engraved And a number of stone.

  Jin Song Fengshan is the royal summer, the garden hunting, Cao still Taoist tablets, fighting al-Taiwan, Go stone plate, Kwu Tung Tai Xu Jin Yuan, and other relics. Since the Qing Dynasty, known as the first famous of the eight wonders of the Northeast and included in the "Dictionary of Chinese landmarks."

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