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Siberian Tiger Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Siberian Tiger Park - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Siberian Tiger Park is located on the north shore of the Songhua River, covers an area of 1,200,000 square meters, with well-known summer resort of Sun Island Scenic Area is separated only by a strip of water. Tiger Park, which covers an area of 360,000 square meters, is currently the world's largest natural garden of wild Siberian tiger is to save for and protection of endangered species in the world and the establishment of the Northeast Tiger Garden Siberian Tiger Park is to build success tiger park, cubs Court, a popular science exhibition hall all. Tiger Park into a 360,000 square meters, placed 30 San full of colorful wild tigers, visitors have to travel by coach dedicated group of tiger roaming in between.

Court cubs in captivity more than 40 years of age 3 cubs, lively Love, visitors can walk in the corridor, to watch. Here, it is "roaming" in the group between the tiger, ox tiger a taste of that fight, the tiger prey base, the struggle between the thriller Erhu with the stimulus to meet the back-to-nature adventure seeking psychological.

  Siberian Tiger Park is very rich natural features, has a good foundation for eco-tourism The air quality, distributed around the earth and the aroma of wild people fully enjoy the natural integration, is a travel, leisure, ideal for the holiday. Since the 1996 opening to the outside world, its rich Siberian Tiger Park and Wild in a fascinating charm visitors at home and abroad come here especially for 7-year cumulative number of tourists reached 180 million; successfully received an important national-level leaders of the major domestic and foreign guests and more than 1,500 people.


  Siberian Tiger Park to build the current success tiger park, bred tiger park, park cubs, African lions and garden area on foot 5 attractions, visitors 1 hour to use the tour full-time. Into which the tiger park, bred tiger park, park cubs, African lions to be car parks to watch. Siberian Tiger Park has a comfortable 15 luxury tourist cars, people can sit in the car to look for tiger tracks, enjoy the presence of tigers.

  Siberian Tiger Park with "Arts House "for visitors to choose to buy the silver crafts, Siberian Tiger Park has its own characteristics, there are more than 50 kinds of handicrafts; with" Tiger Park post office, "Siberian Tiger Park to sell their own postcards, first day covers and so on, in addition to money can not be , The other postal services can be handled. The establishment of the Siberian Tiger Park, Only to protect the Siberian tiger, is also keen for people to travel provided a unique tourist attractions. If you pursue in good faith between man and nature, the best integration, please keep in mind that the Siberian Tiger Park sincere invitation. Tiger into the car park, close-up view of the Hong Kong Standard, Senlinzhiwang face, do not have a taste and feel.

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