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Rouge ditch - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Rouge ditch - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lao Jin, also known as rouge ditch ditch. It has a total length of 14 km, the amount of Wood River is a tributary to the gold-rich and famous. Rouge from the trench has been found in more than 100 years of history, where sand has been screened several Amoy Shibian, but still you can find gold, we can see here the rich gold reserves. In 1877, a Oroqen old horse dug in the burial cave and found that many of Kim Miller, and the old River picked up at the end of a river sand, river sand in the gold account for almost half of the foam, the news quickly in Russia Amur, Siberia, China's Heilongjiang and other places spread, Hsieh called a special payment out of the Russians In person with a mine to old division inspection Valley ditch.

  After identification, with 87.5 percent pure gold, silver 7.9 percent, 4.6 percent other impurities, and he gathered a group of Heilongjiang Eren across China to steal the gold mining, the Chinese have come to steal a large number of Chinese mining, when up to 10,000 people Only 188 In 1884 to 21.9 million two years on the poaching of the two, during which the Heilongjiang General text on the thread requirements many times Shangzouzhaoting exploitation of its own, until in 1887 the new General Heilongjiang Kung Tong Zou Qing Qing government supervision and that Mohe Jinchang, the Qing government accepted the recommendations and instructions Northern Minister Li Hongzhang Office, the transfer of Jilin Zhifu alternate for the auspices of Li Jinyong, Li Jinyong through site visits, in October 1888 in the mountain mining officially, the founder of Mohe Jinchang, only in 1889 the Qing government to obtain gold from here up to 22,000, and in 1895 was 50,000 Two more, as Lee Yong-ching of political integrity, effort, Heart operations, ditch the old gold mining reached the top Sheng period.

  In 1890, died Li Jinyong, founder of the Mohe gold reached the Qing government's purpose Bankuang ---- side is 500. By the Northern Minister Li Zou Qing Emperor Guangxu Enzhun in Mohe Road on the site (this gold ditch forest location) Jian Li Jinyong for nearly an ancestral hall, the ancestral hall with wooden Xiang Yizun to the construction of wooden structures, to the destruction of the late Republic of China. In 1997 on the site to the original structure on the ancestral hall, pavilion rouge for reconstruction, Li Jinyong The building now houses the memorial tablets of the ancestral hall, and the life of the gold was used. 900 years of Russian invasion of bandits, Mohe disintegration of the gold plant, but the discovery of gold in the ditch rouge more than 100 years ago, has never ceased gold mining, according to incomplete statistics, 1908 with an annual output of more than two gold, 27. Japan invaded China in 1934, looting more than two gold 11.76. After new China was founded, special Is the age of 80 years, Mohe entered the gold mining period of great development in the old groove rouge Gold River invest in the 100 l medium-sized machinery gold, two ships, in 1989 to 90 with an annual output of 25,000 gold two to 90 years , To allow private mining of gold, Hunan, the introduction of small-scale gold mining ship to the gold. Kim is divided into the main mechanical and manual mining gold in two ways, mechanical machinery is divided into gold and gold vessels and the chute, mainly by bulldozers and loaders.

  Manual gold panning for gold is the most primitive manner, there is a general tool for gold shovel, Kim Ho, Jin Fu, such as the Golden Hammer, nails into a plank Mucao, into the bottom of the hair , And then into a ladder-shaped wooden frame, usually two to three people slipped on, the plot material (sand mining), slip (to shovel sand mining to slip on), expected to scoop water, and then felt the weight of sand, water scoop Yard toss to Kim, shaking the water, is the last to get the Jinsha.

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