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Great call (call ik) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great call (call ik) - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Great call at the old city of Hohhot in Inner Mongolia, the Mongolian people, "Iraqi response", meaning "temple", was built in the Ming Dynasty, Hohhot is the largest of the Yellow Sect monasteries, is not rare in Mongolia Living Buddha temple. As a result of Kang Xi Zhao-large temple building known, is a common hall Tibetan Lama Miao-shape, and the rest is According to traditional Chinese style temple built, the worship hall is a silver statue of Buddha cast, so there are "silver Buddhist temple." Zhao also large collection of a large number of cultural relics, is the study of Mongolian history and valuable information.

Junji of the Qing Dynasty Emperor Ying-V, the Dalai Lama to Beijing, Xie Su has called on big, after Emperor Kangxi "Long live the emperor" for the gold medal in the hall prior to the Bank of Buddha, the call is the title of "imperial temple."

  Great call the layout used in the form of Chinese Temple, covers an area of 3 million square meters of construction area of more than 8000 square meters, the main building there is the Mountain Gate, the Hall of Heavenly Kings, had Bodhi Temple, House 9, the Church, the permitted And so on Among the permitted by the Church and together, collectively, the "hall", the entire hall is the only temple in a Han and Tibetan-style combination Lama Miao, double the three-room Qiandian, guard and permitted by the Church in Buddhist middle for a 2.55 m high statue of Buddha Bank, the Temple Wuliang also known as the "silver Buddhist temple," Bank of Buddha Is the surface-Tianzhu, a dragon on his plate, silver or so of the Buddha are the Dalai Lama Tsongkhapa and III, and IV of the statue; In addition, in the response of the hanging under the eaves of the Mountain Gate "while the first nine Stephen I. "were important.

  Zhao Great Temple of the many religious artifacts, especially in the Bank of Buddha, carved dragon, the most famous murals, known as Sanjue big call. "

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