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Wu Tasi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Tasi - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Wu Tasi Hohhot is located in the south-east of the old city, formerly known as King Kong Block relic pagoda, as a result of Tazuo on five square stupa, named for Wu Tasi. Yongzhengnianjian was built before the tower, about 16 meters high, are glazed brick tower, the tower is lower in three words of King Kong by writing texts, while the upper thousands of Small gold Buddha, carved delicate work, the exquisite beauty.

Wu Tasi of the most valuable among the North close to the wall of the Mongolian stone astronomical map, the astronomical map 144.5 cm in diameter, north of the celestial sphere has a round face for the central SAN FRANCISCO, Ershibasu painted red by the location of the warp, there are five concentric circles From the outside for days in the Arctic , The summer solstice circle, circle the equator days, the winter solstice circle, the days of the Antarctic Circle. It is by far the world's only tagging Mongolian use of an astronomical map, with a high scientific research value.

Diamond Block relic pagoda, five Yongzheng Dynasty (1727), by Taki, Diamond Block, the top three parts, Masonry structure, 16.5 m high pass, the top five by the exquisite small tower constitutes a relic.

  Block relic of the golden pagoda base of about 1 meter high; seat for the King Kong Xu Mizuo waist, the waist Department has carved lions, elephants, Falun, Garuda King Kong and pestle, and other patterns, above the waist for seven short Tiaoyan, The first layer of For the next three characters (Mongolian, Tibetan, the Vatican) sculpture of the full text of the Diamond Sutra, from the second to the seventh floor of the Yanxia for the full range of gold-filled attitude of the Buddha, for a total of 1119, the seat of King Kong in the south for the arch, the Gate There are at the top of Mongolian, Han and Tibetan languages of the three "golden pagoda relic Block" horizontal inscribed board, four kings for the door, tower There are things within Liangjiao seat to the top of the stairs, exit into a sharp save a square pavilion; 5 Seselj small tower at the north side of the pavilion, the small bone in the middle of a seven-story tower for the canopy, Siyu relic of the small tower for five A canopy layer, the five towers are mounted onto a statue of Buddha, linden, King Wan, such as brick.

  King Kong in Block relic The back of the tower (the north) are embedded on the wall of the Hill 3 sculpture, "Mongolia stone astronomical map" the most valuable research is important in the history of astronomy data.

  Block relic of the golden pagoda tower was covered up and down the subject matter of Buddhist sculpture, Buddhist relief on up to 1560, all decorated with carved a strong case Color and atmosphere, with a deep symbolic and metaphorical.

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