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Lotus Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lotus Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Lotus Lake is that it features impressed at the world of ice and snow in the Heilongjiang Province, and Daqing in as a typical industrial city in southern water mood for love of friends in the Northeast, do not have traveled long distances in the summer season arrived at the southern Lotus Award A. Zhaoyuan County town of Point II Lotus bubble village south of Lake covers an area of Lotus .2 Square kilometers, divided East and West Hubei and Hunan, connected to each other, with a total of lotus growing area with an area of about 7000 square meters, Lotus released a year early in July and August in full bloom, to die of old age in September, during this period of time, be visible in the text of three ancient poem Paragraph on the mood of the Lotus - Holland exposed to sharp angle, Zhuo Qing Lian and without demon Autumn when the "leave a residual sound of Holland Rain."

  Lotus Lake Scenic Area in order to forests, lakes, islands and Shek Pik Fengya landscape as the main body, there are three major scenic valleys, the four bays, five scenic areas, the seven major islands and more than 30 major scenic spots. Barry Long Lake is like a giant dragon winding recline in the mountains between Lotus Lake rise amid permanent cross-strait peaks, Shek Pik Jun Qiao, Linmusensen. Takahashi peak, turtles, and other stone of the Seven Wonders of the Industrial area for the natural landscape adds charm and spirituality.

  Pinghu blue mountains as a mirror, the reflection in the water the mountains shake, Shan Ying waves add radiance to each other and constitute a wonderful landscape of the volume. Lotus Lake four different scenery, the pleasant scenery. Spring, Fenglingehuang, Yamahana million, Xiangyingchengqu; the beginning of summer, big-mountain, with Lin Bo-bi, vitality, Summer is summer, the perfect place for peace and tranquility in convalescence; autumn, cream Cliff Akiyama, do storied into the mountain Jane Lake and a fresh and, for tourism, good food quarter; the depth of winter Linhai Xueyuan, the snow-wrapped, it is beautiful to watch in the north and snow ideal for pleasure resort.

  Lotus Lotus Lake was originally called bubble. Zhaoyuan county is located 20 km east of the town's two stations south of the village of Lotus bubble. She is the Pleistocene Quaternary quarter of the Songhua River after leaving the diversion of a crescent lake with a total area of more than 1800 . Historical records, the lake since the formation of the 18th century to the end of the month of 7-8 per year, the blue lotus flower in full bloom in the lake's waves. However, to enter the 19th century, Lotus is open intermittent. The reason, according to scientific analysis of the sector, mainly the destruction of the ecological environment.

Zhaoyuan County , The county government has adopted a series of protection measures for emergency treatment, in July 1986, had a quiet 33-year Lotus Lake, the full reopening of the Lotus Lake, and opened for more than a decade, nearly every year more than 100,000 visitors To watch it grow in the beautiful north of the "Lotus Fairy." Lotus Fairy said, Shuangyushu people to think of the inevitable. This is the spirit of being open for two-tree-yu, Lotus Lake and distant relative, the 2 km distance. This two elm, in an Tong Jiang on both sides of the road, Yidongyixi, relatively parallel. East magnificent stalwart figure who, like Takeo appearance; Enaduozi in the West who, like gentle woman, said Kazuo Female. Oddly enough, "Shu-hung," do not always seed, "female tree" is covered with Elm money year after year.


  Lotus Shuangyushu and around the lake, has a moving section of the legend. Legend has it that a long time ago, in the town of heaven, Town, Town, Town, Town, the five kings. One of the town of transit Lotus in love with the fairy, the Queen Mother was furious after the discovery that she is two off the clothes they will lay the Fan Chen. They then become the two mute the naked tree. Road between two trees, the Queen Mother is said to be used in the first hairpin in their draw in order to allow pedestrians traveling between day and night during which, in order to prevent the two Close to the secret. Perhaps this is really the reason, this two old elm has been for thousands of years of standing there all alone, there is no proliferation of their "future generations." They are behind Lotus Lake, is the legendary Lotus Fairy was to lay a Fan Chen, in order to block the view of the humiliation and pick off the Lotus scattered in the lake before the lake so that the Lotus-sheng .

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