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A series of scenic Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A series of scenic Lake - Chinese tourism scenic spots

A chain located in the scenic Lake Durbat Taibai Mongolian Autonomous County in the western highway 21 kilometers, is China's first and only international waterfowl hunting. 18 by the lake, 580 square km area in the waters, the habitat of more than 220 kinds of birds, which can be up to more than 40 kinds of waterfowl hunting.

  Comic , The literal interpretation, that is characterized by its wish to open plain: the lake by a series of small shallow lake poses, the very image of the lake's name: Ha Buta bubble, he Tang la red, Maquan bubble, bubble De Long, North Jin bubble, bubble trench chinensis, Zucchini bubble, bubble Guzi on February 8, the bubble is still small, red foam source, the sub-door bubble, bubble obo That even on behalf of the foam, foam and fire and iron bubble Kamal, the Arab-Israeli Wooden Pagoda bubble, bubble-hi teeth doors, East Lake, a total of 18 months as the bubble-like small lakes on the formation of a chain of lakes. These lakes, the average depth of only half a meter, the most in the depths of only about 2 meters, is a typical shallow-water areas of wetlands and lakes.

  Blue sky, the fragrance Air, water down the world, the shadows of the whirling, swaying reed, as the film Pucao, open fields, fresh fish, swimming in the wild, refreshing mix of raw fish, the fragrant Kaoquan Yang ... ...

  Lake County is a chain of the first open-water hunting, hunting land, beach motorcycle, riding, fishing Archery, sand play, shooting small animals, song and dance halls, such as the bonfire project as one tourist areas, tourist areas have affordable high-rooms, be able to receive all kinds of meetings, holiday workers, and primary and secondary school students travel holidays, summer camps, the three front-line area Yu, whole fish feast, the whole sheep feast, feast for farmers, delicious meal, thriftly by the people. There are a series of lake tourism in the region China's first international waterfowl hunting, habitat of more than 240 kinds of birds, more than 40 kinds of birds hunting for Chinese and foreign hunting enthusiasts enjoy hunting. The province has the largest freshwater fish farms, 18 different patterns of lakes, 58 million mu of water-phase water days, the vast Yanbo. Under the blue sky Clouds, green grass and trees along the quiet, shallow lake in the Xiang at the end of fish, birds flying gulls, wind and waves push Wei, Chin duckweed water, wetland landscape unique momentum, so that visitors to look and a sigh of Health, away.

  In order to better protect wildlife resources, but also to consider the needs of hunting enthusiasts, a series of lakes to open up new hunting land hunting , Is the main prey of artificial breeding birds or small animals, hunting enthusiasts can also hunt live ammunition, a pair of hunting experience the adventure, stimulating.

  A series of water area of 580 square km Lake, a habitat of more than 220 kinds of birds, which can be up to more than 40 kinds of waterfowl hunting. Sun Moon Lake, located in a chain 13 km west of the Department, 1 square kilometers in size, surrounded by water, rose water on the island, Cheng Yuan-shaped, low-flow when the island such as the meniscus-shaped, well-preserved natural landscape. Here hunting land and water facilities, recreational facilities.

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