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King Pine - Chinese tourism scenic spots

King Pine - Chinese tourism scenic spots

Song best in the world (King Pine) tall and straight in Zhungeer domain of the West, large single-hung in Jitu on-the-way place, and its embedded disk Qu Qu Zhi, Yan Jian sudden anger, surprising for-like; choice Shu Yin-down, Four Seasons Alike. If the wind, strong voice, such as Tao, Savaka few years. According to the determination of Chinese Academy of Forestry, 910 years old, 25 meters high, as China's Pine , Was won.
  Large pine canopy is like, give hold in the hilly and gully, or a straight trunk, or song, or curled, or V, or bends, or side, are thousands, probably can not be stated, a tree Cuiye, sonorous voice if the clank of iron, North and South to see things from all sides, walk-for-Lumpur.

End of Qing Dynasty, it was the intention of seizing the wood, wood did not get that first down sticks, wooden men's residual check on the ground floor, Tai Hai villagers, rumors everywhere, respect for the divine trees. The Cultural Revolution, Red Guards Yu Duan their young trees, hand cut Jin Li Fu, abdominal pain for the people, paralyzed in a tree.

Villagers met Yunchuanshenyang, From a burning paper, begging to worship a panacea benefits policy, the increasing prevalence of a fire. Great to action lawsuit, weddings and funerals, as small as Zouqinfangyou, and Choi asked everything all the way to divine. Flag inside the township, Shanxi, Shaanxi and adjacent areas, cities and counties devout believers, children, employment, education, financial loss are everything to lose face make a wish, and look forward to point out, Ze Wai Physical well-being of prayer, the blessing side. Who would also like to wish all the year round stream, to send the animals, neglect, then wild-cheng, pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens go to the Sichuan Road, mountain, can be seen everywhere.

Spring, summer, autumn each year, the villagers to raise funds, recruit well-paid group at the invitation far star, singing Shiga, heard the sound of wind and string Entertainment for a second, to shun an act of God, pray for good weather, strong birds over food. At that time, a grand ceremony will be held, all the villagers young and old, small-called call, ten empty nine villages, very lively. Every section of the event set, and merchants gathered, the dazzling colors of goods services. Not for decades Artifact offerings re-launch of its production Long visible, beautiful, I can not show that the unique geographical and cultural colors, as foreigners buy more away.

Ancient legends and the lives of healthy and strong, large pine covered with a layer of mysterious color. I wonder if it is a coincidence or not, and indeed the events are frightening people: 976, the death of Chairman Mao Zedong, the Bank Xing fall, moving heaven and earth. September 8 sunset moment, the crack-song, Ke a barrel as thick as the old branch fall, pine resin, such as tears, oil onto the Quartet, an Jingde old lama was not kowtow fell to the ground. In February 1997, two days after the death of Deng Xiaoping, the great song again Cracks down Ke-old branch, its sturdy branches slightly down from the first drop-off of Douglas, the falling pine resin. And over the years, regardless of rain Weather, Duan Zhi Song has never happened before, two off now still preserved in large Ke Song lost member of the hospital management, people Duwu Christmas, can not but mislead people into thinking that awe.

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